Rare McDonalds Monopoly Pieces 2022

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When you get McDonalds Monopoly pieces with your food, the first thing you should check is whether they’re rare or common.

With the ‘Collect to Win’ Monopoly game, you need a full set of the same coloured stickers to win a prize. Most of the pieces are common and easy to find, but in each colour set, there is always one rare piece that holds the key to completing the set.

Rare McDonalds Monopoly pieces are incredibly valuable because if you have one of these then you’ll find it much easier to complete a set and win a big prize.

Which McDonalds Monopoly stickers are rare?

The rarest McDonalds Monopoly piece is Mayfair. There are only 4 of those available, so if you find one then all you need is the relatively common Park Lane to claim the £100,000 prize. Other rare stickers to look out for include Bond Street, Coventry Street, Strand and Liverpool Street Station.

The rare McDonalds Monopoly stickers stay the same every year. All that changes are the prizes and the number of prizes that are available. The most expensive properties on the Monopoly board always have the highest value prizes. 

This table lists all of the rare McDonalds Monopoly pieces to look out for:

PieceColourPrizeNumber Available
MayfairDark Blue£100,0004
Bond StreetGreenTBC20 – 30
Coventry StreetYellowTBC50 – 100
Liverpool Street StationStationTBC400 – 750
StrandRedTBC175 – 650
Marlborough StreetOrangeTBC700 – 2,000
Northumberland AvenuePinkTBC5,800 – 7,000
Euston RoadLight BlueTBC1,500 – 18,000
Old Kent RoadBrownMedium Extra Value Meal2,000,000

Danijel-James Wynyard, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

What is the most valuable McDonalds Monopoly piece?

The most valuable McDonalds Monopoly piece is Mayfair. There are only four Mayfair tokens printed, so if you find one you should hold onto it. Once you’ve found the common Park Lane token to go with it, you’ll be able to claim the top £100,000 prize.

If you do happen to find the Mayfair token, then it’s worth buying up lots of McDonalds until you get a Park Lane. It shouldn’t take too long. I suggest donating the food to the homeless so as not to waste it.

If you have a rare piece, now what?

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a rare McDonalds Monopoly piece, your next step is to find the other stickers you need to complete the set.

If your rare sticker is Brown or Dark Blue, you’ll only need to find one other property. For the other colours, you’ll need to find two more stickers in the same colour set. And if you have the rare station, you’ll need to find three more stations for a full set.

How to get more stickers to complete your set

1. Buy more food

When buying food with the purpose of completing your McDonalds Monopoly sets, you’ll want to think about how many game pieces you get with each food item.

If you want the lowest price per sticker, then go for the fruit bag or carrot bag as these cost just 89p and come with three stickers each. Alternatively, a medium fizzy drink costs 99p and has three stickers.

Check out this list of McDonalds items with stickers to see which items have the most stickers for the lowest cost.

2. Ask friends and family

If you have a rare McDonalds Monopoly piece, then it’s worth asking your family to save up any stickers that they happen to collect. You could even post a message on social media requesting that people look out for the token that you need.

Of course, you might have to offer to split the prize with them. And you might not want to do that if the prize is something like a hot tub or a holiday!

3. Wombling

Wombling means using other people’s rubbish to get free stuff for yourself. Lots of people don’t check for McDonalds Monopoly stickers, and even if they do, they often only want the Instant Win stickers. 

So by looking around McDonalds restaurants for leftover stickers or hanging around by the bins, you can rack up a large sticker collection quite quickly for free.

Wombling isn’t illegal, but it is frowned upon by some McDonalds staff members, so be discrete to avoid any confrontation.

4. Facebook groups

There are several Facebook groups dedicated to swapping McDonalds Monopoly tickets. The largest one is this one but lots of different groups have been set up so it’s worth searching these for anyone who has the tokens you need so that you can try to make a deal with them.

Be aware though, the McDonalds Monopoly rules state that they reserve the right to disqualify anyone who sells or gives away game pieces. So if you go down that route, don’t get caught.

5. eBay

You’re unlikely to find any rare McDonalds Monopoly stickers on eBay, but if you already have the rare piece then you may find that you’re able to buy the remaining pieces that you need quite cheaply.

One thing to be aware of with eBay is that some of the McDonalds Monopoly stickers are fakes, or from previous years. And again, buying game pieces is against the rules, so there’s a chance you may be disqualified.

Collect to Win Vs Instant Win

The rare McDonalds Monopoly pieces hold the key to winning the best prizes. But even without them, you can still win a decent prize.

You don’t always need to collect a full set of tokens, as some tokens are ‘Instant Win’. This means that all you need is a single winning piece. Most often, the Instant Win prizes will be food like apples pies or ice creams, but you can also win online prizes like cash or TVs.

As well as that, each sticker includes a code that you can use to enter an online prize draw. Two prizes are given away every minute, so for the best chance of winning, enter your code in the night. After all, far fewer people will be entering codes at 4 am on a weekday than at lunchtime at the weekend.

The Rare McDonalds Monopoly Pieces In Each Colour

Dark Blue

The rare Dark Blue McDonalds Monopoly piece is Mayfair. Park Lane is easy to find, but you’ll need both Mayfair and Park lane to claim the top £100,000 prize.


The rare Green McDonalds Monopoly piece is Bond Street. There are only around 20 of these available. The other Green pieces – Oxford Street and Regent Street – are relatively common and easy to find.


The rare Yellow McDonalds Monopoly piece is Coventry Street. Between 50 and 100 of these are printed each year. The other Yellow stickers – Piccadilly and Leicester Quare are relatively easy to find and not so valuable.


The rare Red McDonalds Monopoly piece is Strand as only a few hundred of these are printed each year. If you find Strand then be sure to look out for Fleet Street and Trafalgar Square as these are both relatively common.


The rare Orange McDonalds Monopoly piece is Marlborough Street. Less than 2,000 of these are printed each year, whereas the other Oranges – Bow Street and Vine Street – are printed in their millions.


The rare Pink McDonalds Monopoly piece is Northumberland Avenue. Only a few thousand of these are printed each year, so be sure to hang on to this one as the other Pinks – Pall Mall and Whitehall are super easy to find.

Light Blue

The rare Light Blue McDonalds Monopoly piece is Euston Road. Only a few thousand of these are printed each year, compared to millions of the other Light Blues – Pentonville Road and The Angel Islington.


The rare Brown McDonalds Monopoly piece is Old Kent Road. If you ever get one of these then you should keep hold of it because the other Brown sticker Whitechapel Road is very common. Find them both and you can claim a free Extra Value Meal.


The rare McDonalds Monopoly station is Liverpool Street Station. While Kings Cross, Marylebone and Fenchurch Street stations are all easy to find, there are only a few hundred Liverpool Street Station stickers so if you have this you’re much closer to claiming a prize.

The Bottom Line

McDonalds Monopoly is such a fun game to play and it’s easy to get addicted once your sticker collection starts building up, especially if you’ve managed to snag any of the rare tickets!

Even if you don’t happen to get a rare piece this time, be sure to keep hold of the ones that you do have, as you never know when a super rare sticker might pop up on your next McDonalds meal!

McDonalds Monopoly Rare Pieces FAQs

How many Mayfairs and Park Lanes are there in McDonalds Monopoly?

In McDonalds Monopoly, there are only four Mayfair pieces. There are millions of Park Lane pieces though. If you get a Mayfair then hang on to it as it will be quite easy to find a Park Lane and claim the £100K prize.

How rare is Mayfair in McDonald’s Monopoly?

Mayfair is the rarest of all of the McDonalds Monopoly pieces. There are only four Mayfair pieces out of approximately 200 million that are printed each year. So your chance of getting Mayfair is roughly 1 in 50 million.

What does Park Lane mean in McDonalds Monopoly?

Park Lane is one of the most common McDonalds Monopoly stickers and on it’s own it’s worthless. However, should you be lucky enough to find one of the four Mayfair stickers that are printed, you can put it with Park Lane to claim a £100,000 prize.

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