Monopoly Characters: The Details Of Each One

monopoly logo

If you were put on the spot and asked to name the characters in Monopoly, would your first thoughts be of the classic playing pieces, like the Scottie Dog? Or would you think of Mr Monopoly, AKA Rich Uncle Pennybags? …

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41 Best & Worst Monopoly Tattoo Ideas

Whether you love the game or live to hustle, getting a Monopoly tattoo can be a great idea. While the majority of Monopoly-themed tattoos feature Mr. Monopoly, you could instead opt for your favorite token or maybe even your favorite …

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Monopoly Bid Review

Looking for a fun, Monopoly-themed card game to play with the family? There are a couple of options, with Monopoly Bid being the most recent. And it’s good fun, if you aren’t looking for anything too complex. In this review …

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10 Easy Monopoly Costume Ideas

Monopoly Halloween costumes

If you need an outfit for a costume party, then there are some great Monopoly-themed fancy dress costumes to choose from. Whether it’s a Halloween party, a letter M costume party or you just love Monopoly, I hope that you …

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15 Monopoly Trivia Questions & Answers

A Monopoly round makes a fun addition to any quiz. The great thing about these Monopoly quiz questions is that you don’t need to be a Monopoly expert to play. Even if you’ve never played Monopoly, you’ll still have a …

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Get Out Of Jail Free Card Meaning

Get Out Of Jail Free card

Have you heard the phrase ‘Get Out Of Jail Free Card’ and wondered what it actually means? Maybe you’ve never realized where that phrase came from?  With this quick guide, I’ll explain everything you need to know about the meaning …

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Monopoly Man: Name, History, Wealth & More Facts

If you hear the words ‘Monopoly Man’, then you’ll likely imagine the man with the mustache that’s been a feature of Monopoly board games since 1936. The Monopoly man has many names, including Mr. Monopoly, Rich Uncle Pennybags, or The …

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Monopoly Man Vs Pringles Man

Have you ever wondered what’s going on with the Pringles Man and the Monopoly Man? I mean, you can’t deny that they look like the same guy! So are they related? Brothers maybe? Or does the guy on the Monopoly …

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