Everything you ever wanted to know about the game of Monopoly

Hi! I’m Jenni and I’ve been playing Monopoly for as long as I can remember.

Monopoly is one of the most popular board games of all time. Love it or hate it, almost everybody has played Monopoly. There are hundreds of versions to choose from including board games, card games, and video games.

On this unofficial Monopoly fansite, I’ll show you the rules and strategies you need to beat your friends and make Monopoly fun.

How to Win at Monopoly

Frustrated that you keep losing at Monopoly? These guides will show you the tips and tricks to win at Monopoly, every time!

Understand the Monopoly Rules

Did you know that most people are playing Monopoly wrong? If you find yourself having disagreements over the rules, I’m here to help set the record straight once and for all…

Monopoly Video Games

In 2021, playing Monopoly online or on a games console is almost as popular as playing traditional board games. These guides will show you the best ways to play Monopoly, whatever devices you have at home.

Latest Posts

I regularly write articles about anything and everything to do with the game of Monopoly. So read on for answers to all the questions that you never thought to ask…