When Does McDonalds Monopoly Start in 2022?

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Are you excited for McDonalds Monopoly to start again in the UK? Me too! I always spend a lot more on McDonalds when the game is on as I just love collecting the properties and hoping for prizes.

So, when’s it coming back? Here’s everything we know…

When did McDonalds Monopoly end?

McDonalds Monopoly 2021 launched on 25th August and finished on 5th October. Previously, McDonalds Monopoly always started in late March, but the pandemic caused the start date to be pushed back by 17 months to August.

When will McDonalds Monopoly start again?

McDonalds hasn’t yet announced when McDonalds Monopoly 2022 will start. However, it has historically run once per year and the last start date was 25th August 2021. Therefore, we might expect that McDonalds Monopoly will start again in August 2022.

McDonalds usually give very little notice as to when McDonalds monopoly is due to start. But as soon as we know more, this page will be updated.

I have my Google Alerts set to email me as soon as anything is announced, so I’m sure that I’ll be one of the first to know. If you can’t wait either, I suggest that you consider doing the same.

How long is McDonalds Monopoly on for?

McDonalds Monopoly in the UK is always on for six weeks. After that, you’ll have a few more months to claim any prizes.

In 2021, people were left confused as the start date for McDonalds Monopoly was moved from March to August and so game pieces had the wrong expiry dates printed on them. However, we don’t foresee this to be an issue for future years so long as the date remains as planned.

The Bottom Line

The exact dates for McDonalds Monopoly aren’t as predictable as they have been in the past, since the game was skipped in 2020 and the date for the 2021 game was put back. However, what we do know is that it always runs for six weeks and late August 2022 is looking like the most likely time at the moment.

If you’d like to maximise your chances of winning when McDonalds Monopoly finally does come back, then here are some guides to help you hit the jackpot: