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If you visited McDonalds in the UK between 7th September and 18th October 2022, you were able to play the McDonalds Monopoly game.

When you buy qualifying menu items, you can peel back stickers to win prizes. Each game piece has a code, but what do you do with them, exactly?

mcdonalds monopoly sticker with code

In this guide, I’ll explain where to enter McDonalds Monopoly codes to check if you’re a winner.

How To Check McDonalds Monopoly Codes

Firstly, it’s important that you know that McDonalds Monopoly 2022 is a little different from the games in previous years. This is because this year you get to double peel! That means that you can peel one sticker on the food item, and one in the McDonalds app.

To check your McDonalds Monopoly code, you’ll first need to download the My McDonalds app.

McDonalds Monopoly app

After you have the app, you can open it, sign up or login. Follow the on screen instructions to enter your McDonalds Monopoly code into the McDonalds app.

If you don’t have the app, you can still play. Instead, you can enter your codes at

Double Peel

For every physical sticker that you peel, you get a ‘Double Peel’ inside the app. Simply scan your sticker or enter the code into the app and you will get another go.

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McDonalds monopoly digital peel

With the digital peel game, there are four possible outcomes:

  • Property Peel – Collect a property piece towards a full set
  • Cash Peel – Win £5 to £100 instantly
  • Community Chest Peel – Win food or smaller prizes instantly
  • Prize Draw Peel – Enter into a draw to win more prizes

The McDonalds Monopoly Board

In 2022, the McDonalds Monopoly board was also stored inside the app. So every time you enter a McDonalds Monopoly code, your property will be stored in the app to make it easier for you to collect a full colour set.

When you collect a full set or win an instant prize, you can claim your prize within the app.

McDonalds monopoly prize

Read the Guide To Redeeming McDonalds Monopoly Prizes for further instructions.

Scan Your Codes Straight Away

When you win a McDonalds Monopoly prize, it can be tempting to share your wins on social media. But be careful, the first thing you should do is to scan your winning game piece into the app.

And even then, if you do decide to share a photo, it’s wise to cover the code. In 2019, one McDonalds Monopoly player had their prize stolen after posting a picture to Snapchat. It was only a McChicken sandwich, but the lesson is there.

A spokesperson from McDonalds said: “It’s great to see people taking part in Monopoly at McDonald’s and celebrating their wins on social media. We would advise that customers claim their prize before they share their game piece code online.”

Can’t find where to scan your code?

It’s not always obvious where you should enter your code into the McDonalds app. For more help, check out my detailed guide to how to scan McDonalds Monopoly codes.

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