McDonalds Monopoly Qualifying Menu Items (UK)

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Not all McDonalds items come with Monopoly stickers. And some items have only two stickers rather than the standard three chances to win.

In this guide, I’ll show you which McDonalds menu items have Monopoly stickers in the UK and what you should order for the highest chance of winning a big prize

McDonalds Monopoly UK Menu Items

Note: If you’re playing the game in Australia, then here’s the Australian list of menu items.

What McDonalds items have Monopoly stickers?

McDonalds Monopoly stickers can be found on a selection of burgers, wraps, fries, salads, sides, ice creams and drinks.

McDonalds food with Monopoly stickers 2022

Note that not all items on the main menu have McDonalds Monopoly stickers and you won’t find them on favourite burgers like the Big Mac, Quarter Pounder with Cheese or Vegetable Deluxe.

Here’s a list of which McDonalds food items come with Monopoly stickers:

Food ItemNumber of Stickers
Big Flavour Wrap2
Chicken & Bacon Salad or Chicken Salad2
Chicken Selects (3 or 5 Pieces)2
Mozzarella Dippers or Mozzarella Dippers Cheese Sharebox2
Fizzy Drink (Medium or Large)2
Fruit Bag (only if ordered as part of a meal)2
McCafé Iced2
Side Salad2
Vegetable Bag (only if ordered as part of a meal)2
Fries (Medium or Large)2
McFlurry (Flake or Flake Raspberry)2

In previous years, some items had two stickers and some had three stickers. But in 2023, every qualifying menu item had two stickers. This will likely stay the same for 2024. But don’t forget, you get two extra peels in the Digital Peel game in the app.

Do You Get Monopoly Stickers on Breakfast?

McDonalds Monopoly stickers aren’t available on breakfast menu items – you can only get them with food after 11 am. However, you can get a fizzy drink or McCafe Iced drink with game pieces at any time of the day.

McDonald's drink menu on screen

If you want to collect McDonalds Monopoly tokens, it’s best to visit at lunchtime or later.

The Best Items To Buy For McDonalds Monopoly

To get the most McDonalds Monopoly stickers for your money, you’ll want to buy items that are cheap yet have a decent number of stickers. This is a good strategy if you’re collecting stickers because you already have one of the rare McDonalds Monopoly pieces.

McDonalds drink with monopoly stickers
Medium and large drinks have the same number of stickers

The following table shows the price of items on the McDonalds menu as well as how many Monopoly stickers they come with:

(Prices are correct as of October 2023)

Menu ItemStickersPricePrice Per Sticker
Fizzy Drink (Medium)2£1.59£0.80
Fries (Medium)2£1.99£1.00
Fizzy Drink (Large)2£1.99£1.00
Mozzarella Dippers2£2.79£1.40
Frozen Strawberry Lemonade2£2.99£1.50
Fries (Large)2£2.49£1.25
Caramel Iced Frappe2£2.89£1.45
Chicken Salad2£3.49£1.75
Chicken & Bacon Salad2£3.89£1.95
Big Flavour Wrap2£3.89£1.95
Chicken Selects (3 Pieces)2£4.69£2.35
Chicken Selects (5 Pieces)2£5.89£2.95

If you were planning to add on a fruit bag, veg bag or side salad to get yourself some bonus stickers, then, unfortunately, this won’t work. I tried this and was advised by a crew member that you only get stickers with fruit and veg bags if you have them as part of a meal – in place of your fries.

Fruit and veg bags with no Monopoly stickers
Fruit and veg bags with no stickers

What you would need to do is order your meal with the fruit or veg bag as the side, and then add on a portion of fries. This costs you £1.39 instead of 89p, but if you’re serious about collecting stickers (perhaps because you already have one of the rare pieces), then this could be a way to do it.

Or if you’re really serious, maybe you’ll walk into a McDonalds store and order 200 fries and 200 drinks, just like this American did on a trip to London!

What McDonald’s Meal Gives You the Most Monopoly Pieces?

If you choose one of the qualifying burgers or wraps and then make it a meal, you will get six stickers. However, with an Extra Value meal, you will only get four stickers – two on the side and two on the drink.

If you’re serious about collecting, the most important thing is to make sure that you choose one of the mains that come with Monopoly stickers, as most don’t.

In previous years, there haven’t been any vegan or vegetarian meals with McDonalds Monopoly pieces. But that all changed for 2022 with the introduction of the new McPlant burger. Yay! And thankfully, it continued for 2023 and likely will for 2024.

McDonald's McPlant monopoly packaging

The Bottom Line

If you’re disappointed that your McDonalds burger didn’t come with stickers, it’s because not all McDonalds items have Monopoly stickers. Be sure to include the qualifying items in your order for the best chance of winning prizes.

Most people end up with four when they order a McDonalds meal – two for the fries and two for the soft drink. However, you can easily boost your sticker haul to six by ordering a qualifying burger, wrap, salad or chicken selects.

McDonalds Monopoly Food Items

Add some Mozzarella dippers and a McFlurry and you can walk away with nine Monopoly pieces.

It’s also important to note that towards the end of the promotion, the packaging with game pieces may run out for some items. So it’s worth checking with a McDonalds crew member before placing your order to check which items still have the stickers with them.

Want to know more about McDonalds Monopoly UK? Check out the full McDonalds Monopoly 2024 guide for everything you need to know.

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