McDonalds Monopoly Mayfair Stickers – How To Get One (UK)

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So you’ve nabbed yourself a Park Lane in McDonalds Monopoly and now you need the other Dark Blue piece to complete your set and win the £100k prize, right?

McDonalds monopoly stickers

Well, you’re probably wondering how hard it is to get a Mayfair, and the best way to do so, right?

I’m totally obsessed with playing McDonalds Monopoly, so read on for everything you need to know about this key piece in the Dark Blue colour set.

(Note: This guide is for the UK. Click here if you’re in Australia).

Does Mayfair Exist in McDonalds Monopoly?

In McDonalds Monopoly, Mayfair is the key to winning the biggest prize of £100,000 cash. So you may be skeptical about whether Mayfair actually exists or not. Well, you can rest assured that there are actually several of the elusive Mayfair game pieces to be found every year.

peeling monopoly sticker on McDonalds cup

How Many Mayfair Stickers Are There?

In 2023, there were five Mayfair McDonalds Monopoly stickers to be found. Four of these were hidden on the packaging of food and drinks, while the fifth one was an online piece that could be found via the McDonalds app as part of the Double Peel game.

McDonlads McPlant monopoly packaging

Is McDonalds Mayfair Rare?

Mayfair is the rarest piece in McDonalds Monopoly. As there are only five Mayfair stickers, your chance of getting a Mayfair is very slim indeed. McDonalds is expected to serve over 100 million UK customers during the Monopoly promotion every year, and each person will get multiple stickers with their order.

McDonalds monopoly advertisement on screen

Has Anyone Found Mayfair McDonalds Monopoly?

According to a McDonalds spokesperson, “In 2018 three £100k prizes were claimed”. However, as most people don’t check whether their playing pieces are valuable, it’s likely that most Mayfair stickers go straight in the bin.


On social media, you may sometimes comes across people who claim to have found a Mayfair, but the vast majority of these will be fake, like this example…

At least two people found Mayfair in 2023, according to news reports.

What Happens if You Get Mayfair in McDonalds Monopoly?

If you get a Mayfair (M521) in Monopoly then you should definitely aim to find a Park Lane (M520). The Park Lane stickers are really common, so you should keep searching until you find one.

While you could ask friends and family to look out for a Park Lane for you, you should bear in mind that they’ll probably want a split of the prize money!

Another option is to hang around outside McDonalds and take any stickers that people throw away – a practice known as ‘wombling’.

However, given that you’re about to become six figures richer than you were before, you could invest some money into buying more McDonalds food in the hope of getting a Park Lane sticker.

McDonalds food

You can see a full list of which McDonalds food has stickers in this list of qualifying items. I’ve even worked out which are the cheapest ones to buy, per sticker.

Once you have both pieces, you can redeem your prize.

How Much is Mayfair Worth in McDonalds Monopoly?

If you have Mayfair but not Park Lane, you may be tempted to sell your Mayfair sticker. However, this is not allowed according to the McDonalds Monopoly rules. Plus, you’re unlikely to get anywhere near its true value.

Someone did try to sell a whole reel of unpeeled stickers on Gumtree, but the ad was taken down pretty quickly.

Monopoly Stickers for sale

Instead, you should keep buying McDonalds food until you get a Park Lane. With Park Lane being such a common game piece, it shouldn’t take much time at all.

Read more: How common is Park Lane in McDonalds Monopoly?

But one thing you really must do is keep hold of your Mayfair sticker and enter it into your McDonalds app as soon as possible to keep it safe.

And whatever you do, please don’t take a photo of the winning piece and share it to social media. People have had their prizes stolen from doing this in the past!

So, if you get a Mayfair Monopoly McDonalds sticker, add the code to the app and then keep the sticker as safe as possible. It’s your ticket to £100,000!

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