How Long Does Monopoly Take?

Monopoly board game

Monopoly can sometimes get a bad rap. A lot of people complain about playing the game because “it takes way too long”. And the thing is, Monopoly games can last a very long time – if you don’t follow the …

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The 20 Best Monopoly Editions According To Reviews (2022)

Best Monopoly Games

There over 3,000 versions of Monopoly, which is quite an intimidating amount of choice. And the list continues to grow all the time! While some Monopoly versions simply change the tokens and rename the properties, some have very different rule …

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Monopoly Properties List With Prices (US)

Monopoly Board Game

Before you plan your next attempt at becoming an uber-rich property magnate in Monopoly, it might be useful to have a quick look over a list of Monopoly properties and prices. There are a total of 22 colored property squares …

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The Best Monopoly Electronic Banking Editions

Monopoly Electronic Banking

If you like playing Monopoly but hate counting out all the cash then you’re not alone. Counting Monopoly money can be incredibly boring, and it sometimes feels like you spend half of the game messing around with dollar bills. If …

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25 Weird Monopoly Games You Won’t Believe Exist

monopoly board game

If you only ever play Monopoly using a standard Monopoly set, you may not be aware of some of the weirder Monopoly games out there. Most (but by no means all) of the weirdest ones are unofficial rip-offs, which aren’t …

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How Much Money Comes In A Monopoly Game?

monopoly money

If, like me, you feel like a real Ms or Mr. Moneybags being surrounded by all those colorful banknotes whenever you play Monopoly, you might have wondered what the total cash value of the bills in Monopoly actually is. Or …

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Are Old Monopoly Games Worth Anything?

cash transaction

Many people have old versions of Monopoly in their homes and, like anything that’s a bit old, it’s common to wonder if old Monopoly games are worth anything.  The short answer is that the game might be worth something but …

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How Old Is My Monopoly Game? How To Tell

monopoly board

A lot of people have old versions of Monopoly at the back of their cupboards. It’s the sort of game that people keep hold of rather than selling it on or donating it. So, if you have an old copy …

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How Many Monopoly Versions Are There?

different versions of monopoly board game

You almost certainly already know that there are many different versions of Monopoly available, such as versions based on different countries and versions themed around licensed properties… But just how many different versions of Monopoly are there? Most articles on …

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