Rare Macca’s Monopoly Pieces (Australia 2022)

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While the majority of the prizes in Macca’s Monopoly are Instant Wins, some of the biggest prizes rely on you collecting the properties to gather a full colour set. And a lot of the stickers that you get will be for the common properties.

But which are the hard-to-get properties – the rare ones that will win you the prize? There aren’t many of these stickers at all, so if you do get one then you should absolutely keep playing until you get that prize.

McDonald's monopoly game on mobile phone

Here’s a full guide to the rare pieces in the McDonalds Monopoly game for Australia in 2022.

What were the rare McDonalds Monopoly pieces in 2022 in Australia?

PieceColourVoucher No.PrizeNumber Available
Park LaneDark Blue/NavyA539Volkswagen Polo GTI2
Regent StreetGreenA544Battery Powerstation1
PiccadillyYellowA559World of Warcraft Gaming Pack3
Fleet StreetRedA561$2,500 Furniture Gift Card1
Marlborough StreetOrangeA555$10,000 Flight Gift Card1
WhitehallPurpleA542TV & Soundbar5
Euston RoadLight BlueA548Free Fuel For 1 Year1
Old Kent RoadBrownA563Ultimate Gardening Kit3
Fenchurch St StationStationsA553Home Theatre5

Unlike some versions of Macca’s Monopoly (such as the UK McDonalds Monopoly game), the colour of the pieces doesn’t necessarily equate to the best prizes.

Trafalgar Square in Maccas Monopoly

Sure, dark blue is still the main prize of the car, but then some of the other best (or at least, most valuable) prizes are assigned to yellow, orange and light blue. 

The lowest value prize is the one you win if you collect the green properties, which in 2022 was the battery powerstation worth around $300.

You can see a full list of all Macca’s Monopoly prizes (including Instant Wins) here.

What is the rarest property in Maccas Monopoly?

The rarest properties in Macca’s Monopoly 2022 were Regent Street (Green), Fleet Street (Red), Marlborough Street (Orange) and Euston Road (Light Blue). There was only one of each. The game actually had more of the ‘rare’ Dark Blue properties that could win you a car.

The number of prizes in 2022 for McDonalds Monopoly was a little unusual because there were two cars (as well as another 4 to be won through Instant Wins) but only one of some of the secondary prizes, including a battery powerstation.

The other rare prizes were high value though, including a year of fuel (worth $4,000) and gift cards worth $2,500 and $10,000.

McDonald's monopoly game on mobile phone

There were be a maximum of 194,801,412 tickets given out as part of the game, so finding one of these four rare unique ones had odds of 1 in 48.7 million.

But finding any of the rare stickers, which are the key to a Collect & Win prize, had slightly better odds since there were 22 in total. That means you had a 1 in 8.8 million chance of pulling one of the hard ones to get.

How to win the car in McDonalds Monopoly

To win the Volkswagen Polo GTI in McDonalds Monopoly 2022 you needed to either collect a Park Lane and Mayfair property token, or get an Instant Win for the car either with a physical sticker or in the app. There were 6 cars available – two with property tokens and four as instant wins.

You were looking for the dark blue tokens, but expect to collect a lot of Mayfair ones. Park Lane was the rare one this year, and there were only two of them in the whole game.

If you got Park Lane, you had to keep playing until you get a Mayfair either with a physical sticker or as a digital property. Make sure you keep the stickers, even if you register them in the app, otherwise you can’t claim your prize.

McDonald's monopoly game and sticker

What to do if you find a rare Maccas Monopoly card

If you find a rare Maccas Monopoly card, you have to register it in the MyMacca’s smartphone app. While you can get a physical gameboard on your tray liner if you eat in, everything is being managed through the app.

Tickets have a unique 12-character code, so once you enter it in the app it’ll verify that you have a rare one. Make sure you keep the sticker! Even once registered, you’ll need it to verify your claim.

Maccas Monopoly on a mobile phone

Then, once the rare one is registered, you’re on the hunt for the common pieces in that colour. Make sure you keep buying McDonalds Monopoly menu items so that you have the best chance of pulling the tickets you need to complete the set.

Once you have a complete set and you register it in the app, you’ll be given the option to claim your prize.

The Rare McDonalds Monopoly Tickets In Each Colour

Dark Blue

The rare Macca’s Monopoly ticket for dark blue in 2022 was Park Lane – voucher number A539. If you completed the Dark Blue set you won a Volkswagen Polo GTI with a 5-year care plan worth over $46,000.


The rare green ticket in 2022 Macca’s Monopoly was Regent Street, voucher number A544. Completing the green property set won a battery powerstation worth $300.


Piccadilly was the rare yellow property in McDonalds Monopoly 2022, with the voucher number A559. Completing the yellow set of properties won you a World of Warcraft gaming PC pack worth over $7,000.


The rare red property card for Macca’s Monopoly in 2022 was Fleet Street – voucher A561. If you got the complete red set of properties, you won a $2,500 furniture gift card.


Marlborough Street was the rare property token for the orange colour set in 2022 Monopoly for McDonalds. Gathering all three orange property cards won you a $10,000 Webjet gift card to use on travel.


The rare property token for the purple set of properties was Whitehall, with the voucher code A542. If you got all three purple properties then you won a TV and soundbar from TCL worth almost $7,000.

Light Blue

Euston Road was the light blue property that you wanted to look out for, as that was the rare one for 2022 Macca’s Monopoly. If you got all three blue properties then you won free fuel for a year from Ampol, up to the value of $4,000.


The rare brown property for Macca’s Monopoly 2022 was Old Kent Road – voucher number A563. If you found both Old Kent Road and Whitechapel Road then you won an Ultimate Bahco Gardening Kit worth over $1,100.


Of the four rail stations, the rare property card in McDonalds Monopoly 2022 was Fenchurch Street Station – voucher A553. Collecting this and the other three stations won you a Cinema 800 Home Theatre worth almost $1,500.

McDonald's monopoly game on mobile phone

The Bottom Line

You have much higher odds of winning an Instant Win prize in Macca’s Monopoly, but that doesn’t mean you should disregard the Collect & Win property tickets. There are some great prizes to be won, if you’re lucky enough to find a rare one.

The next time the promotion is run, check every sticker you get, and as soon as you find a rare one make sure to register it on the MyMacca’s app and then keep it safe until you’ve found the rest of the property set. Good luck!

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