McDonalds Monopoly Train Stations: How To Complete The Set

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McDonalds Monopoly is already over for 2023 – oh no! But it’ll likely be back for 2024. In this fun game, you can complete property sets to win some pretty amazing prizes.

If you peel back your sticker to reveal a train icon, it means that you have collected one of the Monopoly stations. Collect them all in 2023 and you could win £200 in cash. Cool!

McDonalds Monopoly UK Train Station

In this guide, I’ll give you all the information you need to collect the complete set of railway station stickers in McDonalds Monopoly.

How Many Train Stations are there in McDonalds Monopoly?

There are four train stations in McDonalds Monopoly. These are Liverpool St Station, Marylebone Station, Kings Cross Station and Fenchurch St Station.

The four stations in McDonalds Monopoly are the same stations you’ll find on a UK Monopoly board. They’re named after real railway stations in London.

McDonalds Monopoly Station and Properties

When you collect the stations, or any colour set for that matter, the important thing to know is that some stickers are easier to find than others. Within each property set, there is one property that’s very hard to get. This limits how many prizes are available to be won.

What is the Rare Train Station in McDonalds Monopoly?

The rare station in McDonalds Monopoly in the UK in 2023 was Liverpool St Station. There were only 2000 printed Liverpool St Station stickers, with a further 10 to be found in the McDonalds app with the Double Peel promotion.

mcdonalds monopoly app

The other railway stations are all pretty common. This means that there will be a lot of people who have collected three stations, but are missing the hard-to-get Liverpool Street sticker to complete the set.

How to get Liverpool Street Station

If you’re in need of Liverpool St station to complete your set in McDonalds Monopoly, you’re probably wondering what you can do to get one.

Every year, countless people take to social media to ask if anyone has the missing station to complete their set…

But honestly, this isn’t a good idea at all. You see, the McDonalds Monopoly rules forbid you from buying, trading or giving stations to other people. You could get disqualified. When you redeem your prize, they may ask you where you got the winning stickers from to prove that you aren’t being fraudulent.

Someone did try to sell a whole reel of unpeeled stickers on Gumtree, but the ad was taken down pretty quickly.

Monopoly Stickers for sale

For the bigger prizes that you can win by collecting Mayfair and Park Lane or the Green set, you may want to buy more food until you find the missing pieces. You can get stickers for as little as 26p each if you know which McDonalds Monopoly menu items give you the most stickers for the lowest price.

With the stations, you need all four to win and even if you have three, your chance of finding the last one is super slim. There are only 2,000 rare station stickers in existence out of about 200 million stickers printed each year. So you’d need to peel around 100,000 stickers to find the fourth station. Not worth it.

How Many of Each Station Are There?

Liverpool St Station

There were only 2010 Liverpool St Station stickers in McDonalds Monopoly in 2023. These had the code M525. 2000 of them were printed stickers on food items and the other 10 could be found in the McDonalds app with the Double Peel game.

Marylebone Station

Marylebone Station (M523) is a common sticker in McDonalds Monopoly. They aren’t hard to find at all. But, to win the £200 cash, you’ll need to find all four stations, including the hard-to-find Liverpool St Station.

Kings Cross Station

There are lots of Kings Cross Station (M522) stickers in McDonalds Monopoly so don’t get too excited if you find one. To win £200 cash you needed a full set of all four stations, including Liverpool St Station which is the hardest to find.

Fenchurch St Station

Fenchurch St Station (M524) is a very common sticker in McDonalds Monopoly so you should have no problem finding it. The rare train station is Liverpool St Station – there are only 2010 of those. Collect all four stickers in 2023 and you’d have won £200 cash.

McDonalds Monopoly UK Fenchurch St Station

To Conclude

Whenever you peel back a sticker to reveal a station in McDonalds Monopoly, the first thing you should do is enter it into the My McDonalds app.

This will keep your station sticker safe to help you to collect the full set. It will also give you an extra peel – which is one more chance to complete a set or claim an Instant Win prize.

McDonalds monopoly app

Be sure to keep your physical sticker too, as you may need to show it should you manage to collect all four and claim your £200 cash (or whatever the prize ends up being in 2024).

If you have other properties, then you can look them up in the list of rare McDonalds Monopoly pieces to find out which ones could be valuable.

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