McDonald’s Monopoly Prizes (2024)

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In McDonald’s Monopoly 2023, there were over 100 million prizes up for grabs. With more than one prize for each and every person in the UK to be won, you stood a really good chance of winning.

But what exactly could you win? And how many of each prize were there?

McDonalds Monopoly UK Tray Insert

In this guide to McDonalds Monopoly 2023 prizes, I’ve listed them all in easy-to-read tables. I’ll also show you what tokens you needed to collect, or whether you can win these prizes instantly either by peeling back your stickers or by entering your codes into the McDonalds app.

The prizes are usually fairly similar each year, so this will give you a guide to what to expect from McDonalds Monopoly 2024.

The Main Prizes Up For Grabs

The top prize in McDonalds Monopoly 2023 was £100,000 cash. There were five of these to be one. To win, you needed to collect the Dark Blue property set – that’s Mayfair and Park Lane.

You should’ve had no problem finding Park Lane, but there were only five Mayfair game pieces. Four of these were physical stickers on the packaging, and one was a Double Peel Property Prize that you could only redeem via the McDonalds app.

McDonalds Monopoly Prize Claimed Notification

Other prizes included 21 electric cars, 90 holidays and lots of gadgets and experiences. If you like collecting, look out for the Brown properties in future games. In 2023 there were over 2 million McDonalds meals to be won if you could make a pair with these!

Main PrizesTotal PrizesInstant WinCollect To WinColour Set
£100k Cash55Dark Blue
MINI Electric Car2121Green
£2k Holiday901080Yellow
Omen by HP Gaming Laptop160160Red
£200 Cash2,0102,010Stations
£500 Home Entertainment Voucher with AO.com205205Orange
Experience Day3,2003,200Pink
Wireless Earbuds4,1501,0003,150Light Blue
McDonald’s Meal2,050,0002,050,000Brown
£1k Cash100100
McDonald’s Gold Card2,0002,000
£150 See Tickets Voucher200200
McDonald’s Bean Bag1,0001,000
Hyper X Gaming Keyboard1,0001,000
£80 Go Ape Activity voucher200200
£50 Cash2,0002,000
£50 Prezzee eGift Card1,6001,600
£50 Bouquet of Flowers300300
£25 Glow Hub eGift Card4,0004,000
Hype Backpack1,2001,200
3 Month Adidas Runtastic Premium Subscription16,00016,000
Wrappz Personalised Phone Case15,00015,000 T-Shirt10,00010,000
McDonald’s Reusable Water Bottle5,0005,000
Cinema Tickets15,00015,000

Instant Win Food Prizes

Most people who win prizes in McDonalds Monopoly find that they win food prizes, and there were lots to be won instantly in 2023. The most commonly claimed food prize will give you a choice of 6 nuggets or a double cheeseburger.

Of course, many people will then buy the fries and drink to go with it, meaning that they have only actually saved a few pence. Very clever, McDonalds.

Also popular are desserts like apple pies, McFlurrys and fruit bags. Because of course, if you’re going to stay to claim your free dessert, you’re probably going to buy one for the person you’re dining with, aren’t you?

PrizeNumber Available
Big Mac or McChicken Sandwich3,723,918
6 Chicken McNuggets or Double Cheeseburger8,068,489
McFlurry or Fruit Bag9,309,795
Small Fries or Veg Bag8,689,142
Medium Coke Zero or
Medium Milkshake
Quarter Pounder With Cheese or McPlant3,103,265
Apple Pie or Fruit Bag9,309,795
Single McMuffin or Bacon Roll3,103,265
Hash Brown or Cheesy Bacon Flatbread6,206,530
Regular Hot Drink3,103,265
15% Off a McDonald’s order1,100,000
£5 Off a McDonald’s order
of £20 or more
Iconic Menu Item for £1.991,100,000
Free Cheeseburger when you buy an Extra Value Meal1,100,000
Free McFlurry when you buy an Extra Value Meal
Provided by McDonald’s

Discount Voucher Prizes

Finally, there were millions of discount voucher prizes to be won. These give you money off when you buy various things that you didn’t know you wanted.

Just make sure that the thing you’ve been enticed to buy with your McDonalds Monopoly voucher is worth it, and that you aren’t being tempted to spend money you don’t have on thing you don’t need.

McDonalds Monopoly UK Discount Voucher
DiscountNumber Available
£75 Off a £750 spend with TUI1,000,000
10% Off AO.COM1,500,000
40% Off SkullCandy1,500,000
Personalised Photo Magnets1,500,000
25% Off Blossoming Gifts1,500,000
£10 Off at Buyagift1,500,000
10% Off Go Ape Activities1,000,000
Readly 3-Month Digital Subscription1,000,000
15% Off Zavvi1,500,000
25% Off Glow Hub1,000,000
Lionsgate+ 1-Month Subscription1,000,000
£5 Off a Personalised Phone Case at wrappz.com1,500,000

Digital Peel Prizes

In a push to get more of us to download the McDonalds app, in 2022 McDonalds gave us an extra chance to win with a ‘double peel’. The idea is that you get extra ‘stickers’ inside the app each time you make a purchase.

The game worked the same for 2023, and likely won’t change for 2024, so make sure you’re collecting those McDonalds Monopoly codes.

McDonalds monopoly app Digital Peel

Prizes to be won included cash, food, discount vouchers and Monopoly property pieces. When you win digital properties, these will be stored in the app to make it easier for you to collect full sets and win the larger prizes.

TypePrizeNumber Available
Digital Cash£100 Cash1204
Digital Cash£50 Cash2408
Digital Cash£20 Cash5979
Digital Cash£10 Cash26324
Digital Cash£5 Cash83665
FoodBig Mac or McChicken Sandwich60,000
Food6 Chicken McNuggets or Double Cheeseburger130,000
FoodMcFlurry or Fruit Bag150,000
FoodSmall Fries or Veg Bag140,000
FoodMedium Coke Zero or
Medium Milkshake
FoodQuarter Pounder With Cheese or McPlant50,000
FoodApple Pie or Fruit Bag150,000
FoodSingle McMuffin or Bacon Roll50,000
FoodHash Brown or Cheesy Bacon Flatbread100,000
FoodRegular Hot Drink50,000
Discount Voucher15% Off a McDonald’s order800,000
Discount Voucher£5 Off a McDonald’s order
of £20 or more
Discount VoucherIconic Menu Item for £1.99800,000
Discount VoucherFree Cheeseburger when you buy an Extra Value Meal800,000
Discount VoucherFree McFlurry when you buy an Extra Value Meal
Provided by McDonald’s
Non-Cash£50 Foot Asylum Gift Card1,600
Non-Cash3 Month Adidas Runtastic Premium Subscription10,000
Non-CashMcDonald’s Cross Body Bag1,500
Non-CashMcDonald’s Cotton Tennis Socks2,500
Non-Cash£10 CEX Voucher15,000
Non-Cash1 Month Adidas Runtastic Premium Subscription35,000
Non-CashMonopoly Deal Card Game1,500
Non-Cash10% Off Selected HP Gaming Products500,000
Non-Cash£75 Off a £750 Spend with TUI500,000
Non-CashReadly 3-Month Digital Subscription1,000,000
Non-Cash20cm X 20cm Photo Canvas500,000
Non-Cash20% off Foot Asylum100,000
Non-Cash20% off HyperX products500,000
Non-CashPersonalised Photo Magnets500,000
Non-Cash15% off Foot Asylum300,000
Non-Cash£10 Skullcandy Voucher1,000,000
Non-Cash£10 Off at Buyagift.com500,000
Non-CashLionsgate+ 1 Month Subscription1,000,000
Rewards PointsMcDonalds Rewards Points – Double Points On Next Visit335,000
Rewards PointsMcDonalds Rewards Points – 1,500 Points On Next Visit335,000
Rewards PointsMcDonalds Rewards Points – 3,000 Points On Next Visit335,000
Property PeelDark Blue Monopoly Property1
Property PeelGreen Monopoly Property1
Property PeelYellow Monopoly Property5
Property PeelRed Monopoly Property10
Property PeelMonopoly Station10
Property PeelOrange Monopoly Property5
Property PeelPink Monopoly Property200
Property PeelLight Blue Monopoly Property150
Property PeelBrown Monopoly Property50,000
Prize Draw£100k Cash1

McDonalds Monopoly discount prize

Unlike in previous years, there was only one prize draw in 2023, for the £100k Cash top prize. Previously you could enter prize draws for various lower-ranked prizes too.

So, there you have it – a rundown of all of the prizes you could win in McDonalds Monopoly 2023.

McDonald monopoly double peel on screen

Of course, the £100,000 cash is the best prize, but there aren’t many of those available. You were over four times as likely to win a car. And with electric MINIs costing at least £30,000 each, that’s a better prize overall – so long as you can drive and don’t have a raft of kids to squeeze into it.

Many people throw the brown tokens away, but these are actually some of the best pieces in the McDonalds Monopoly game. There were over 2,000,000 extra value meals to be won and you only need two pieces to win.

To increase your chances of winning, I suggest you make note of which are the rare McDonalds Monopoly pieces. Because if you happen to find a rare Mayfair, you should make it your mission to find one of the common Park Lane stickers to go with it, and the same pieces will be rare next year too.

Good luck for McDonalds Monopoly 2024 – maybe you’ll take the top prize?

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