McDonalds Monopoly Bond Street: How To Get It (UK 2022)

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Collect all three Green properties in McDonalds Monopoly UK and you can win yourself an electric Mini car. Sweet.

Regent Street (M417) and Oxford Street (M418) are pretty easy to get, but you might find getting hold of the Bond Street (M419) piece to be a little trickier, as there are fewer of them available.

regent st and oxford st McDonalds monopoly stickers

But just how hard was it to find a Bond Street in McDonalds Monopoly in 2022? Read on and I’ll let you know…

(Note: If you’re in Australia, then you’ll need the Australian version of this article)

How many Bond Street stickers are there in McDonalds Monopoly?

In McDonalds Monopoly in 2022 there were 20 Bond Street stickers attached to food and drinks items. There was also an extra ‘Property Peel’ sticker that you could win via the app as part of the Double Peel game. That makes a total of 21 stickers, so there were 21 electric cars to be won.

peeling monopoly sticker on McDonalds food item

How rare is Bond Street in McDonalds Monopoly?

Bond Street is the second rarest McDonalds Monopoly piece, after Mayfair. There were only 21 Bond Street prizes, while you had 5 chances to find Mayfair. The brown Monopoly pieces are much easier to find, with over 2 million of each, but the prize is much smaller – it’s just an Extra Value meal.

What happens if you get Bond Street in McDonalds Monopoly?

If you have Bond Street in Monopoly, it’s definitely worth putting some considerable effort into getting Oxford Street and Regent Street to complete the set. The other two stickers are very common so you shouldn’t find it all that hard.

I managed to find all of these green stickers with just two meals, and then I got more in the Double Peel game in the app!

Green McDonalds Monopoly stickers

The cheapest way to complete the set is to hang around McDonalds picking up people’s old tokens. But the easiest way is simply to buy more food.

peeling off monopoly sticker on McDonalds wrapper

Check out this list of eligible food items – I’ve listed them by price so you can see the cheapest items to buy with stickers. For less than £50, you would have a really high chance of finding the missing sticker that you need to win a car.

Even if you don’t actually want or need a car, new Minis cost around £30,000, so there’s a huge profit to be made.

Of course, the promotion has ended for 2022, but these tips will apply next year too.

McDonlads monopoly app and stickers

Can you buy or sell McDonalds Monopoly stickers?

You may see people who are desperate for a Bond Street to complete the set taking to social media to beg for or buy the missing piece. Prices offered range from £50 to as high as £1000.

However, given that it’s easy to complete the set once you have it, you shouldn’t sell Bond Street for less than £25,000. In fact, you shouldn’t buy or sell Bond Street at all. Doing so is against the McDonalds Monopoly rules and it will likely invalidate your claim.

If you win a big prize like a car, they’ll probably want to know where and when you bought each of the winning pieces so rule out fraud.

How to win the car

Whenever you find McDonalds Monopoly stickers you should enter then into the McDonalds app. This year, you could do a Double Peel, which basically means you got extra digital stickers inside the app. It’s important that you do this as it gives you a much bigger chance to win.

McDonalds Monopoly app and a sticker

Using the app also keeps your stickers safe. So that if you do happen to find Bond Street, any previous green stickers that you’ve found will already be stored safely and securely for you. Regardless, you should never throw away the paper gamepieces, as you’ll need these to claim the prize.

Check out my guide to redeeming your McDonalds Monopoly prize for the steps needed to claim.

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