Monopoly Deal Rules (I Checked With Hasbro)

monopoly deal

Monopoly Deal is one of the most confusing Monopoly games there is. I thought that we understood the Monopoly Deal rules well until I played it with a new friend and we disagreed about so much! The rules that come …

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How Many Hotels Can You Have In Monopoly?

a hand holding monopoly hotels

Have you ever wondered how many hotels you can have in Monopoly? This is actually a very common question. So, read on, and let’s find out exactly how many hotels you can have in Monopoly. Along the way, we’ll also …

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Monopoly Free Parking Rules Explained

free parking Monopoly

The Free Parking space is one of the most misunderstood spaces on the Monopoly board – which can lead to many disagreements over the rules. So what does Free Parking actually mean in Monopoly? Landing on the Monopoly Free Parking …

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Can You Team Up In Monopoly?

Have you ever wondered whether you can team up in Monopoly? Is it even allowed? In this post, I’ll look at all the different ways that you can team up and I’ll cover the things that you can do and …

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What Does Just Visiting Mean In Monopoly?

Just Visiting

‘Just Visiting’ is probably one of the most well-known spaces on the  Monopoly board, no matter what edition of the game you’re playing.  But what does ‘Just Visiting’ actually mean in Monopoly? And what impact can it have on your …

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What Happens If You Roll Snake Eyes In Monopoly?

snake eyes

If you’ve ever played dice, you’ll know that rolling snake eyes (or double one) isn’t the outcome that you’re looking for. But, what happens if you roll snake eyes in Monopoly? Is it good, bad, or indifferent? Let’s take a …

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Can You Collect Rent in Jail in Monopoly?

collect rent in jail in monopoly

Nobody wants to be sent to jail in Monopoly as it’s much more fun to keep going around the board buying up new properties.  But is it actually so bad in jail? Can you still participate in the game and …

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How Does Monopoly End?

Monopoly end

Sometimes, it might feel as though there’s no end to Monopoly. That you’ll just keep playing until someone angrily flips the board over and runs off in tears. But, this is not actually how it’s supposed to end!        No, there …

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How Many Dice Do You Use In Monopoly?

Monopoly without dice just wouldn’t be Monopoly. How would you ever pass Go or land on Free Parking without a dice?  So, of course, you need dice to play Monopoly. But, do you know how many dice you use in …

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