Free Printable Monopoly Money Templates

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There can be many reasons why you might want to print Monopoly money yourself at home…

Printable Monopoly Money

Perhaps you lost some of the original Monopoly money that came with your set? If it got damaged in an argument you may be in need of some replacement Monopoly money to say sorry!

Or maybe you’re making your own custom Monopoly board at home and want some Monopoly money to print, rather than drawing it all by hand? If that’s your plan, then be sure to check out my step-by-step guide to making your own Monopoly set.

Whatever your reason for printing extra Monopoly money, I’m here to help with free Monopoly money images that you can easily print out with your home printer.

The Best Monopoly Money Printables

There are lots of Monopoly money printable templates online. However, I’ve found that most of these are less than ideal. When you print Monopoly money, it may come out in the wrong size, the wrong colors, or even the wrong design completely.

After trying and failing to print free Monopoly money at home many times, I’ve found the best Monopoly money printables for you.

Below that, I’ve included some useful information about how to print the money, how much to print, and the dimensions.

1. Full-color real Monopoly money printable

Monopoly money printable all denominations

To print this Monopoly money, all you need to do is click the button below to open the pdf then click the printer icon.

2. Blank customizable Monopoly Money template

If you plan to make your own Monopoly board game, then you may wish to use custom Monopoly money, rather than the standard bills.

This blank printable play money template has an empty space in the middle of each banknote so that you can add your own design. You may even wish to add a picture of your own face if you’re feeling particularly creative!

Monopoly money any value
Thank you to Kurt Payne for making this!

To print the blank Monopoly money template, all you need to do is click the button below to open the pdf then click the printer icon.

The cool thing about this printable money is that you can print it double-sided. Just make sure that the design is centered, by selecting ‘Actual Size’ or ‘Fit to Paper’, depending on which program you’re using.

The ‘default’ option may be to left-align the image. This won’t line up when you print double-sided.

I recommend printing this Monopoly money on different colored letter paper which you can get on Amazon.

Astrobrights color paper has every color you need to print your own Monopoly money at home, even with a black and white printer.

Monopoly money colors:

  • $500 – Orange
  • $100 – Beige
  • $50 – Blue
  • $20 – Green
  • £10 – Yellow
  • $5 – Pink
  • $1 – White

3. Harry Potter Monopoly money printable

If you want to make your own Harry Potter Monopoly board then you can use this Harry Potter Monopoly money template.

Harry Potter Monopoly money

The pdf contains all of the different denominations, from 1 to 500.

As this Harry Potter Monopoly money template is black and white, I suggest using colored letter paper to print each bill in the correct color.

4. Monopoly $1000 bills printable

$1000 bills are available in Monopoly Mega Edition. However, you might like to include some $1000 banknotes when playing classic Monopoly. If you do, then you’ll need this $1000 bill template.

Printable 1000 Monopoly money

See Monopoly Mega Edition on Amazon

Useful tips for printing Monopoly money

How much Monopoly money to print?

Each standard Monopoly set contains $20,580. However, older games that were made before 2008 only have $15,140 in the box.

The $20,580 of Monopoly money in each box comes in the following denominations:

  • 30 x $500 Bills
  • 30 x $100 Bills
  • 30 x $50 Bills
  • 30 x $20 Bills
  • 30 x $10 Bills
  • 30 x $5 Bills
  • 30 x $1 Bills

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How to convert pdf to other files types

The Monopoly money printables above are all PDF files. If for any reason you need another file type such as a .png, .gif, vector image, or even a Microsoft Word document, then you can convert the PDF to your preferred file type using free tools such as these:

How to print Monopoly money templates in black and white

If you prefer black and white Monopoly money rather than full color, you don’t need a separate black and white template.

You can use the same full-color template, but set your printer to print in black and white with these instructions.

How to print edible Monopoly money

Perhaps you’re making a Monopoly birthday cake and need to print edible Monopoly money?

You can do this easily with one of the Monopoly money printables above. Just be sure to use rice paper and edible printer ink.

Buy Extra Monopoly Money Online

If you’re struggling to print Monopoly money or it seems like too much hard work, then the easiest way to get replacement Monopoly money is to buy it on Amazon.

Genuine Hasbro replacement Monopoly money is fairly cheap to buy, and you can be sure that you’re getting real, crisp new Monopoly banknotes.

The bottom line

There are many ways to print Monopoly money at home. All you need is a printer, a template, and either plain white or colored letter paper.

Alternatively, you may wish to buy replacement Monopoly money online. If you have some bills already, you could also consider scanning or photocopying your existing Monopoly money to print more.

Have you ever considered playing Monopoly with real money? You might assume that you need thousands of dollars, but there are ways to make it much more affordable.

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