Monopoly Stations (UK): Names, Rules & Best Strategy

Whether to buy the train stations in Monopoly is always a tricky decision. To make the wisest choice, you’ll need to fully understand the Monopoly train station rules, as this is something that people often get wrong. In the article, …

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The Best Properties to Buy in Monopoly UK

UK Monopoly properties to buy

Knowing which are the best properties to buy is one of the best strategies you’ll need to win a game of Monopoly. And, truth be told, some properties are much better than others! In this guide which is specific to …

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The Best Monopoly Properties to Buy


Winning a game of Monopoly is so much easier when you know the best tactics to use. One of the main tactics that will help you to win at Monopoly is to know which are the best properties to buy. …

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Monopoly Railroads: Names, Rules & Best Strategy

Monopoly railroads

The Monopoly railroads can be the cause of much confusion. Players often misinterpret the rules around railroads and it can be tricky to know whether you should buy them or not. This article tells you everything you need to know …

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Monopoly Trading Rules & Strategies to Win

The tagline for Monopoly is ‘Fast-Dealing Property Trading Game’. So why do so many people forget about trading when they play? Trading is often overlooked but it’s absolutely key if you want to win. Sure, you can fluke a victory …

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Park Place in Monopoly

Park Place Monopoly Board

Park Place is one of the most expensive properties you can buy in Monopoly. But does that make it the best? Is it worth spending big to get the set with Boardwalk and potentially banking some big cash when other …

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How to Cheat at Monopoly Without Getting Caught

How to cheat at Monopoly

There are two types of people in this world – Good people, and those who Google how to secretly cheat at Monopoly.  Only joking! According to a survey by Monopoly makers Hasbro, almost 50% of people admit to cheating during …

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