45 Best & Worst Monopoly Tattoo Ideas

Whether you love the game or live to hustle, getting a Monopoly tattoo can be a great idea. While the majority of Monopoly-themed tattoos feature Mr. Monopoly, you could instead opt for your favorite token or maybe even your favorite …

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Monopoly Bid Rules: How To Play

Monopoly Bid

Released in 2020, Monopoly Bid is the latest card game from Hasbro that tries to take the winning formula of Monopoly and condense it down into a fast game that can be played on the go or when you only …

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Monopoly Bid Review

Looking for a fun, Monopoly-themed card game to play with the family? There are a couple of options, with Monopoly Bid being the most recent. And it’s good fun, if you aren’t looking for anything too complex. In this review …

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9 Best Travel Monopoly Games to Take on Vacation

Monopoly is a great game to play at home, but taking it on the road when you’re on vacation isn’t always easy. You need a good amount of space to play classic Monopoly – it’s a fairly large box, and …

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10 Easy Monopoly Costume Ideas

Monopoly Halloween costumes

If you need an outfit for a costume party, then there are some great Monopoly-themed fancy dress costumes to choose from. Whether it’s a Halloween party, a letter M costume party or you just love Monopoly, I hope that you …

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The Official Monopoly Rules That Everyone Gets Wrong

There are those who love Monopoly and those who hate it. Ask the Monopoly haters why they don’t want to play and they’ll likely say “it takes too long” or “it makes us argue”. Even the Royal family has banned …

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15 Monopoly Trivia Questions & Answers

A Monopoly round makes a fun addition to any quiz. The great thing about these Monopoly quiz questions is that you don’t need to be a Monopoly expert to play. Even if you’ve never played Monopoly, you’ll still have a …

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The Best Luxury Monopoly Sets in the UK

Monopoly is a game that every household should own. So why settle for the standard cardboard box version? If classic Monopoly is your thing, then a luxury Monopoly game can be a great investment. Not only does a luxury Monopoly …

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Monopoly Cheaters Edition Rules & How To Play

monopoly cheaters edition board game

The Monopoly Cheaters Edition rules are quite different from Classic Monopoly. In this game, players are encouraged to cheat at Monopoly and are rewarded for doing so. But, you can’t just cheat willy-nilly (unless you’re playing in Ultimate Cheater’s Mode …

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