McDonalds Monopoly Chance Cards (Australia 2023)

Maccas Monopoly Chance Card

Maccas Monopoly Australia 2023 features Chance Cards – when you peel stickers from the food, you might get an instant win, a property, or it could be one of these Chance Cards. What are they, and are they related to …

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When Does Maccas Monopoly End? (Australia 2023)

Maccas Monopoly Restaurant

Maccas Monopoly is back for 2023 with some amazing prizes. But in order to win the best prizes, you’re probably going to need to enjoy some tasty McDonalds food a few times, so you’ve more chance of finding the rarest …

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McDonalds Monopoly Prizes (New Zealand 2023)

Maccas Monopoly NZ Game Board

Sure, playing McDonalds Monopoly New Zealand is fun, but the best thing about it is winning prizes – even the smaller ones (but hopefully the top prizes). And in 2023 there’s a huge $296 million worth of prizes up for …

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McDonalds Monopoly Ireland 2023: What You Need To Know

McDonalds Monopoly UK Ireland

It’s the time of the year when McDonalds stores around the world begin their McDonalds Monopoly promotions, and in Ireland, it’s no different. We’re already underway and for the next few weeks, every time you order specific food items in …

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McDonalds Monopoly Board (Ireland 2023)

McDonalds Monopoly Ireland Screens

McDonalds Monopoly is back in Ireland for 2023, and if you want to play then you’ll probably want to know how you get your hands on a McDonalds Monopoly game board to keep track of the properties you own. But …

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McDonald’s Monopoly Ireland Prizes (2023)

McDonalds Monopoly Ireland Food Items

There are millions of prizes to be won in Ireland’s McDonalds Monopoly promotion in 2023, including a host of top prizes, food items, and discount vouchers. Want to know what’s up for grabs? This guide has all the details you …

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How To Scan McDonalds Monopoly Codes

Sometimes, it’s just not obvious at all how you scan a McDonalds Monopoly sticker. But, scanning your ticket is vital to bank your property in the McDonalds app and also to play the Double Peel game that gives you a …

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