Green Monopoly Properties: Names, Prices & Best Strategy to Win

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The Green Monopoly properties are some of the most expensive properties in the game of Monopoly. But are they worth it? Should you buy them or steer well clear?

Green Monopoly properties

In this guide to the Green color set, I’ll show you how to decided when to buy and build on the green properties, and when to leave them for your opponent to purchase.

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Monopoly Green Properties – a quick guide

  • There are 3 Monopoly board green properties
  • They cost between $300 and $320
  • The best Monopoly strategy is to avoid the greens – they don’t have a great return-on-investment (ROI)

What are the green properties in Monopoly?

The Green Monopoly streets are different all over the world. There are many different Monopoly boards, though the most common are the US and UK Standard Editions of Monopoly.

Green properties in Monopoly (US Standard Edition)

  • Pacific Avenue
  • North Carolina Avenue
  • Pennsylvania Avenue

Green properties in Monopoly (UK Standard Edition)

  • Bond Street
  • Oxford Street
  • Regent Street

There are generally always three Green properties in Monopoly. The exception to this is Monopoly Mega Edition, which has four Green cards:

  • Pacific Avenue
  • South Carolina Avenue
  • North Carolina Avenue
  • Pennsylvania Avenue

Green Monopoly property prices

The Green Monopoly streets are the second most expensive color set, behind only the Dark Blue properties, Boardwalk and Park Place.

Cost to buy Green properties

In the US Standard Edition of Monopoly, Pacific Avenue and North Carolina Avenue both cost $300, while Pennsylvania Avenue costs a little more at $320.

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Mortgage value of Green properties

As with any properties in the game of Monopoly, their mortgage value is half of the purchase price. This means that you’ll get $150 if you mortgage Pacific Avenue or North Carolina Avenue, and $160 if you mortgage Pennsylvania Avenue.

Cost to build on Green properties

Building houses and hotels on the Green properties costs $200 each. To build hotels on all three properties would set you back $3000.

Rent on the Green properties

The rent that you can charge your opponents for landing on the Green properties varies from $26 to $1400 depending on which property is landed on and how many buildings you have accumulated.

The rent you can charge for Green properties without any buildings is $26 for Pacific Avenue and North Carolina Avenue, and $28 for Pennsylvania Avenue.

The maximum rent you can charge with a hotel is $1275 for Pacific Avenue and North Carolina Avenue, up to $1400 for Pennsylvania Avenue.

Other Monopoly editions

In the UK version of Monopoly, the prices are the same, just in GBP instead of US dollars.

In some Monopoly versions, such as Monopoly Electronic Banking, all of the prices are times by 100,000. So a rent of $26 would become $260K.

In the Monopoly Mega Edition, players can add a skyscraper and charge $2275 rent for Pacific Avenue and North Carolina Avenue. For Pennsylvania Avenue, the rent for a skyscraper rises to $2400.

Monopoly Electronic Banking Green Set
Monopoly Electronic Banking

Are the green properties good in Monopoly?

It’s important to look at the return on investment (ROI) stats when deciding whether it’s worth buying the Green properties or not.

ROI of Green Properties – undeveloped

Initially, the Green color properties are a good investment. For every person that lands on your Green properties, you’ll make, on average, 8.7% back on your initial amount paid for the properties.

This means that you’ll recoup your funds after 12 visits to your properties. The Green Monopoly properties are the second-best behind only the Dark Blue set in terms of ROI for undeveloped spaces.

ROI of Green Properties – with houses and hotels

As it’s pretty much impossible to win at Monopoly without building houses and hotels, you’ll certainly want to think about the cost of building and the rent you can charge with buildings.

As soon as you start building houses on the Green set, your return on investment will become lower than the ROI you’ll for building on the other color sets.

This is because houses on the Green properties are very expensive. At $200 per house, they’re four times the price of houses on the Light Blue set.

The average ROI with three houses on the Green properties is 102.9%. While this may seem impressive, it’s the second-worst on the board. Only the brown properties have a lower ROI with three houses.

And it gets worse again when you reach the hotels. Green is actually the worst color to buy if you build up to hotel level, with only a 100.8% return on investment. This is almost 10% less than the second-bottom color set, the Reds.

Winning potential

Of course, choosing the best Monopoly color sets is not just about ROI, because the rent you will collect with hotels will be a large sum. While you would be unlikely to push your opponent over into bankruptcy with the Brown Set, this is certainly a possibility once you rebuild houses on the Greens.

With the Green set, you’ll have had to spend more to get houses, but once done, you’ll be able to inflict some hefty damage to your opponents’ chances of winning. It is a balancing act.

Chance of landing on the Green properties

Another important thing to think about is the likelihood of someone landing on your property. After all, Orange is seen as the best set mainly because they’re positioned right after the Jail space and so they get landed on a lot.

In terms of the probability of landing, the Green properties are around the middle of the pack. There’s a 7.8% chance of landing on a Green space in any given roll of the dice.

This places the Green color set behind Orange, Red, and Yellow Monopoly properties in turns of the most landed-on spaces.

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Cat on Green space

Should you buy the Green properties in Monopoly?

The green Monopoly properties have their benefits and drawbacks. Getting hold of them early can be a great confidence boost, and might worry other players, but later in the game, these high-cost cards might not be as useful or as valuable.

Pros of buying the Green properties

1. High ROI when undeveloped

The green properties are a solid investment early in the game, with a good ROI that will help you slowly build a fund to start building.

2. Serious earning potential

If you manage to build hotels on the Green properties, you’ll be able to make up to $1400 each time someone lands on them

3. Medium probability of landing

Their location on the board means that the chance of landing on Green properties isn’t bad. You’re more likely to land on Green than Pink, Light Blue, Dark Blue, or Brown.

Cons of buying the Green properties

1. High cost of building

It’s a risky strategy to build hotels on the greens, as you’ll need to spend $3000 to do it. If you don’t get many players landing on those properties then the Greens could cost you the game.

2. Low ROI when developed

When you add houses, the return on investment of the Green properties is one of the worst on the board, and overall the worst by the time you get to hotel level.

playing Monopoly

The bottom line

If you can complete the Green color set early in the game, they’ll offer an impressive return on investment whilst properties are undeveloped.

However, with expensive buildings compared to rental prices, they’re less appealing once you have to fork out $200 a pop for houses and hotels.

It’s great to aim for Green Monopoly streets, but you might not want to rush to develop these properties.

Perhaps the best plan is to keep them as valuable trading tools, whilst enjoying the undeveloped rent. 

In terms of the best properties to buy, I’d always aim for another color set such as Orange, Yellow, or Dark Blue, but keep collecting the Greens as a fall-back plan.

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