McDonalds Monopoly Odds (Canada 2024)

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It can be frustrating when you head to your local McDonalds restaurant during the Monopoly promotion, peel back your game pieces, and find the same properties you’ve already collected many times over.

McDonalds Monopoly Canada Restaurant

Of course, not everybody can win – otherwise McDonalds would soon be out of business. But what are the odds of winning, and how likely are you to bag one of the big prizes?

Let’s take a look.

What Are The Odds of Winning McDonalds Monopoly?

There were around 23 million prizes in McDonalds Monopoly Canada 2023, and there were around 109 million game pieces distributed. This means the odds of winning any prize were around 1 in 4.74.

Of course, the odds change massively when you start looking at the different prize options, because most of those 23 million prizes are either small instant wins, or food prizes. Plus a lot of the prizes didn’t get claimed.

Indeed, food prizes make up over 16 million of the prizes alone, meaning that you’ve got a 1 in 6.81 chance of winning any of the food items whenever you play McDonalds Monopoly.

There are over 5.6 million instant win prizes available, meaning you’ve got a 1 in 19.46 chance of claiming one of those prizes. Most of them are worth $100 or less though – there are just 3,576 prizes worth more than that amount, so the odds of winning a more valuable instant win prize drop to 1 in over 30,000.

And the smallest chance of winning is for the Collect and Win prizes, where you complete the full set. There are just 111 of these in total, so the odds of claiming one of these are pretty high – 1 in around 990,000.

McDonalds Monopoly Canada Food

McDonalds Monopoly Odds by Piece

Here is a full list of the Monopoly properties in the McDonalds Monopoly Canada 2023 promotion, and an approximation of the odds of finding one when you play:

PropertyColourNumber of piecesOdds of finding
Fairmount Le Chateau FrontenacDark Blue61 in 18,166,667
Niagara FallsDark Blue5,470,0001 in 20
Portage and MemorialGreen41 in 27,250,000
Robson StreetGreen5,470,0001 in 20
Sainte-Catherine StreetGreen5,470,0001 in 20
WhistlerYellow301 in 3,633,333
Algonquin Provincial ParkYellow5,470,0001 in 20
Wapusk National ParkYellow5,470,0001 in 20
Confederation BridgeRed51 in 21,800,000
Baffin IslandRed5,470,0001 in 20
Bay of FundyRed5,470,0001 in 20
Tunnels of Moose JawOrange101 in 10,900,000
Signal HillOrange5,470,0001 in 20
Peggys CoveOrange5,470,0001 in 20
Perce RockPink271 in 4,037,037
Miles CanyonPink5,470,0001 in 20
Lunenburg HarbourPink5,470,0001 in 20
Mackenzie RiverLight Blue41 in 27,250,000
Lake LouiseLight Blue5,470,0001 in 20
Lake AthabascaLight Blue5,470,0001 in 20
Rideau CanalBrown101 in 10,900,000
Parliament HillBrown5,470,0001 in 20
Vancouver AirportAirports151 in 7,266,667
Montreal AirportAirports5,470,0001 in 20
Toronto AirportAirports5,470,0001 in 20
Halifax AirportAirports5,470,0001 in 20

Final Word

Now you’ve got an understanding of just how rare some of the best game pieces are…but also, the actual odds of winning a smaller prize, including food, aren’t that bad at all.

And hey, someone has to find the rarest pieces, right? Why couldn’t it be you?

The game may already be over but when the promotion returns, you’ll now know what chances you have.

Good luck!

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