McDonalds Monopoly Board (Canada 2024)

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McDonalds Monopoly has already finished for Canada in 2023, with a whole host of awesome prizes up for grabs.

McDonalds Monopoly Canada Game Board

But the question is, how do you track which properties you’ve already collected, and which ones you need? Can you still get a McDonalds Monopoly map in 2024, or a game board to help you?

Let’s take a look. The game may be over already but this is useful info for the next time the promotion is running.

Does McDonalds Monopoly Have a Board?

McDonalds Monopoly Canada 2023 did have a game board, but you didn’t need it. Instead, it’s much easier to track your pieces by scanning them in the McDonalds app, which has its own digital game board.

This is a better solution, since you can also then claim your prizes through the app once you’ve completed a set. But, you do still need to keep hold of those game pieces – if you scan them and then trash them, you might not be able to make a valid claim.

There are game boards that you can get, but they are only for those people who really want one, and since the game pieces are no longer stickers, you can’t easily use the board to keep your properties safe either.

McDonalds Monopoly Canada Game Piece

How to Get a McDonalds Monopoly Game Board

There were three ways that you could get a McDonalds Monopoly game board in Canada in 2023:

  1. Visit a McDonalds restaurant
  2. From McDonalds as a promotional material
  3. By downloading your own

The stocks of game boards at McDonalds restaurants are going to be very limited, since the company anticipates most people will just use the app.

So if you want one this way, make sure you head to your local McDonalds as soon as possible, and ask a member of staff if you don’t see them available.

The second option isn’t something you can control – but McDonalds may send out promotional game boards either by direct mail or by inserting them into newspapers, as a way of advertising that the promotion is running again.

You could make sure you’re signed up to McDonalds marketing, and that you check newspapers regularly, but it can be tricky to get hold of a game board this way.

The final option is to visit where you can download a game board, but you’ll need to print it yourself if you want a physical copy.

Final Word

When the McDonalds Monopoly promotion first started years ago, game boards were everywhere. But of course, time moves on, and now the app is the way to track all your properties.

You can still get a game board though, if you want that nostalgic feel, the next time the promotion is running.

And who knows – maybe you’ll be able to use it to track all those properties while you’re winning the top prizes!

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