McDonalds Monopoly Canada Rare Pieces

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The best prizes in McDonalds Monopoly Canada are those that need you to collect the property groups. There are some great instant win prizes, but the really good stuff is only for those lucky enough to get every property within a colour.

But then you’ll need to know which are the hardest pieces to get – the rare ones that are the key to winning prizes like vacations, large cash sums and of course, the car.

McDonalds Monopoly Canada Game Piece

With this guide, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about which McDonalds Monopoly pieces are rare in Canada so that you’re ready to collect and win. The game may already be over for 2023 but the rare pieces likely won’t change for next year.

What are the Rare McDonalds Monopoly Pieces in 2023 in Canada?

This table shows which were the rare McDonalds Monopoly pieces in Canada in 2023. If you got one of these, you have a really good chance of completing a set and winning a cool prize.

Fairmount Le Chateau FrontenacDark BlueEither 5 Million Avion Points from Royal Bank of Canada, or $50,000
Portage and MemorialGreen$2,000 Hudson’s Bay Gift Card
WhistlerYellowRYOBI Snow Blower Kit
Confederation BridgeRed$5,000 Vanilla VISA Prepaid Card
Tunnels of Moose JawOrange$25,000 Cheque
Perce RockMagenta$10,000 Leon’s Furniture Store Shopping Spree
Mackenzie RiverLight BluePolaris Vehicle (ATV, Motorcycle or Snowmobile)
Rideau CanalBrown2024 Chevrolet Trax 2RS
Vancouver AirportAirportsUniversal Parks & Resort Holiday for Four

McDonalds Monopoly Canada Drink with Game Piece

In Canada’s McDonalds Monopoly, the colour of the property doesn’t necessarily equate to the best prize. In some versions, such as UK McDonalds Monopoly, the best prize is for the dark blue properties, then green, and so on.

But in games of McDonalds Monopoly in Canada, the prizes can vary – such as in 2023, when the brown properties had the best value prize.

What is the Rarest Property in McDonalds Monopoly Canada?

The rarest properties in McDonalds Monopoly for Canada are Portage and Memorial, and Mackenzie River. There are just four of each of these, making them the most rare properties in the game.

While the Chevrolet Trax 2RS is the top prize in the game, there are actually ten of these to be won, so they are more common than the Polaris vehicles and the Hudson’s Bay gift cards.

McDonalds Monopoly Canada Game Piece

How to Win the Car in McDonalds Monopoly

To win the car in McDonalds Monopoly 2023 in Canada, you needed to find the full set of property tokens for the brown colour – so the rare Rideau Canal property and the common Parliament Hill one. The car prize is a Chevrolet Trax 2RS.

If you did complete a property set, the best thing to do is register the stickers on the McDonalds app. This will then give you instructions on how to redeem your prize.

Don’t assume that you can then throw the stickers away – even though you’ve registered them, you’ll need to present them to validate your claim. Minor prizes like food don’t necessarily need the validation, but big prizes like the car definitely do.

What To Do if You Find a Rare McDonalds Monopoly Peece

If you find a rare McDonalds Monopoly piece, find somewhere safe to store it. You need to keep it safe until you’re able to claim your prize.

Download the McDonalds app, if you haven’t already, and register the piece using the 12-digit code. That’ll make sure you’re ready to claim your prize once you’ve completed the set.

Next, you need to find the rest of the colour set. Keep buying eligible McDonalds food until you get the properties you need – it shouldn’t take too long, and with the value of the prizes in the Canada McDonalds Monopoly game you shouldn’t be too worried about spending a lot on food either – it’ll be worth it!

McDonalds Monopoly Canada Game Stickers

One thing you shouldn’t do is try to buy the missing Monopoly pieces that you need. Firstly, because the tokens can be registered on the app, someone could sell you one that they’ve already registered. 

After all, if it’s a common property, they aren’t going to be worried about claiming the prize if they have duplicates, but because it’s registered to another player it would be void for you.

Also, if you were found out, your claim would be invalidated – McDonalds doesn’t allow players to buy or sell pieces in the terms of the promotion. Imagine finding out you’d got a super-rare token but were then disqualified from claiming!

The Rare McDonalds Monopoly Tickets in Each Colour

Here’s a breakdown by colour of all the properties in the Canada McDonalds Monopoly game, and which ones are rare:

Dark Blue

The rare dark blue property is Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac. The common dark blue property is Niagara Falls.


The rare green sticker is Portage and Memorial. The two common properties in the green set are Robson Street and Sainte-Catherine Street.


The hard-to-find yellow property token is Whistler. The two other properties are Algonquin Provincial Park and Wapusk National Park.


The rare red property in McDonalds Monopoly is Confederation Bridge. Baffin Island and Bay of Fundy are the two common properties in the red colour set.


Tunnels of Moose Jaw is the rare orange property in this year’s McDonalds Monopoly. Both Signal Hill and Peggys Cove are common.


In the magenta set, the rare token to look out for is Perce Rock. Miles Canyon and Columbia Icefield are the other two properties, and these are common.

Light Blue

Mackenzie River is your rare property for the light blue set. The other common properties are Lake Louise and Lake Athabasca.


Rideau Canal is the rare brown property in 2023 McDonalds Monopoly. Parliament Hill is the common one.


Of the four airports in McDonalds Monopoly, the rare one to look out for is Vancouver Airport. Montreal Airport, Toronto Airport and Halifax Airport are common.

The Bottom Line

Now you know the McDonalds Monopoly rare pieces to be looking for, you can start the hunt to try and win one of the top prizes when the game is next live.

Remember that finding the rare Monopoly pieces alone isn’t enough – you need the full set. But there are millions of common game pieces, so just keep buying food until you have the set.

And don’t be too disheartened if you don’t find a rare piece – there are millions of instant win prizes that you could also uncover.

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