How to Win £100k in McDonalds Monopoly

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The top prize in McDonald’s Monopoly in 2023 was £100,000 – and who doesn’t like the sound of winning that?

McDonalds Monopoly

So, if you wanted to get your hands on this huge six-figure sum, this guide tells you how to snag the cash for yourself – so that you’re prepared for the 2024 game.

How Do You Win £100k on McDonalds Monopoly?

To win £100,000 in McDonalds Monopoly, you need to complete the Dark Blue set of properties, getting both Park Lane (ticket M520) and Mayfair (M521). You can do this with the physical stickers you peel from food items, or with the digital stickers you get in the McDonalds app.

There were five top prizes of £100k to be won in 2023. This means that there were only five of the rare Dark Blue property you can find. In the last couple of years, Mayfair has been that rare property.

Of those five stickers, four were physical stickers that were attached to food items. The fifth is a digital peel sticker which could be awarded at any time.

Park Lane will be the much more common sticker, and you can also get it either physically as a sticker from a food item, or as a digital peel sticker. You shouldn’t have much trouble finding the common sticker, you’ve got around a 1 in 25 chance.

Where to Get Physical Game Stickers to Win £100k

You can get physical stickers whenever you order food from McDonalds, either in person or via home delivery. You need to check which food items have McDonalds stickers though, as not all do. Also, make sure the promotion is running! It tends to run from early September to mid October.

As a guide, most of the large burgers have a sticker while fries and drinks have either 1 or 2, depending on the size you buy. Adding a McFlurry to your order is a great way of getting an extra 2 stickers.

There will be millions of stickers in the game, so finding one of the four rare Mayfair stickers is very unlikely – but it’s definitely not impossible!

Where to Get Digital Game Stickers to Win £100k

With McDonalds Monopoly 2023, you could get digital stickers as a second chance way of winning. Download the McDonalds app and then every time you get a physical sticker, enter the code it gives you.

McDonalds Monopoly Dark Blue Properties

These codes could give you instant wins, or entries into a prize draw, but they can also give you a second property. And one of these could be the Mayfair you need to win the £100k cash.

The digital prize has was claimed for 2023, along with at least one of the physical sticker prizes.

How to Win £100k in McDonalds Monopoly Via the Prize Draw

There was one other way you can win £100,000 in the McDonalds Monopoly game in 2023, and that’s with the prize draw. Your digital peel stickers may sometimes give you a ‘Bank or Swap’ peel, which will give you a non-rare property and let you either bank it or swap it for a prize draw entry or another randomly selected non-rare property.

The prize draw is conducted after the promotion has ended. In previous years there were multiple prize draws for different prize options, but in 2023 it was just one draw to win £100,000, which lowers your chances of winning.

Final Word

I won’t lie, the chances of winning £100,000 in McDonalds Monopoly aren’t that great, but the fact that there are 5 opportunities isn’t pretty cool, and you never know – the stickers are definitely printed, so they are out there to be won.

Don’t assume you’ll win the prize even if you eat at McDonalds regularly, but the best chance you have is to buy food items with more stickers, and make sure you’re also scanning them into the app for that second chance.

It’s likely to be a similar prize in 2024, so good luck when the promotion returns!

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