McDonalds Monopoly Participating Items 2024 (Australia)

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Macca’s Monopoly ran once again in 2023, with your chance to win some pretty cool prizes.

Maccas Monopoly Fries

McDonalds Australia announced a prize list that included a car, several awesome gift cards, cruises, free fuel for a year and more.

So what are the eligible food items? When the promotion is running, you don’t want to order something to find that it doesn’t come with any pieces.

Let’s take a look at the Maccas Monopoly menu items so you can make sure you’re getting the best chance to win every time you visit.

Which Maccas items have Monopoly tickets?

Items in Macca’s Monopoly that have tickets include all cold cup beverages, hot drinks, some of the larger burgers, chicken salads, fries, hash browns, McFlurries, hotcakes and McNuggets. The number of tickets varies depending on what you order.

Not everything comes with stickers. Some notable items that are missing include bottled drinks, frozen drinks, wraps, sundaes and smaller burgers.

A lot of the breakfast menu is excluded from Macca’s Monopoly, though you can get cold and hot drinks, hotcakes and hash browns. You could even get a McFlurry if you need an early morning sugar boost.

McDonald's mcflurry poster

Also, the McPlant continues to be missing from the list of items that comes with cards, along with the McVeggie. 

A criticism that’s been levied at McDonalds in the past is that it limits the options for vegetarian and vegan diners who want to take part, so it’s a shame to see that it hasn’t been fixed this year, especially as the McPlant is normally considered one of the ‘larger’ burger items on the menu.

It’s been an issue for a couple of years now and I thought 2023 would be the year it was resolved…but no, it wasn’t. Maybe 2024?

McDonalds Monopoly Tickets Per Item

It’s not just about finding out what has tickets, but you’ll also want to know how many tickets per item – after all, if you’re serious about winning big in Macca’s Monopoly, you’ll want to maximize your chances on every visit.

Here’s a full list of everything that comes with pieces, and how many you get with that item.

ProductNumber of tickets
Medium cold cup beverage (including soda fountain and thick shakes)1
Large cold cup beverage2
McCafe Standard hot drink1
McCafe Large hot drink2
Medium fries1
Large fries2
Hash brown1
McNuggets – 101
McNuggets – 202
McNuggets – 404
Caesar chicken salad2
Classic Angus1
BBQ Bacon Angus1

Important – According to the official terms and conditions of the promotion, you can also get stickers with the Double McSpicy, the Cheese & Bacon McSpicy, and the Chicken Deluxe.

But these aren’t then listed in the participating items on the main McDonalds Monopoly Australia website, and I have heard from someone that said they ordered a Chicken Deluxe and were disappointed not to receive stickers!

So either the terms and conditions are wrong, or it’s only in select restaurants…consider asking when you order.

With most of the items, the bigger you buy, the more stickers you get. It doesn’t really apply to the burgers though – a Double McSpicy has the same value as a regular McSpicy. If you want a McSpicy but were hoping to get two stickers, maybe make your own double by buying two? 

McDonald's mcspicy box

The Best Items To Buy From Macca’s To Play Monopoly

You can work out the best items to buy from Macca’s by looking at the price per sticker. This is a good idea if you’ve already got yourself a rare property, since you hopefully don’t have to spend a lot to get the common properties you need to claim your prize.

Here’s a look at the price per sticker for all eligible items on the menu…

ProductNumber of ticketsPricePrice per sticker
Medium cold cup beverage (including soda fountain and thick shakes)1$4.20$4.20
Large cold cup beverage2$4.95$2.48
McCafe Standard hot drink1$4.60$4.60
McCafe Large hot drink2$5.20$2.60
Medium fries1$3.60$3.60
Large fries2$4.45$2.23
Hash brown1$2.80$2.80
McNuggets – 101$9.35$9.35
McNuggets – 202$14.10$7.05
McNuggets – 404$22.85$5.71
Any chicken salad2$11.50$5.75
Classic Angus1$9.65$9.65
BBQ Angus1$11.10$11.10
Double McSpicy1$12.45$12.45
Cheese & Bacon McSpicy1$11.45$11.45
Chicken Deluxe1$8.80$8.80

There are a few things to note – most importantly, that prices aren’t necessarily standard at every McDonalds restaurant in Australia. So you might not see the exact same prices as this list when you visit.

Plus, if you’re ordering online, the prices are often inflated, so you might end up paying more.

And also, I’ve given the cost of a soda fountain drink for the cold cups, but thick shakes do cost more.

The worst value items are the burgers – they generally cost the most, but you only get one sticker. The only items that cost more are the sharer boxes of McNuggets but at least with those, you get more than one sticker.

The McDonalds order screen show you how many Monopoly tickets you can expect to get with each item.

Macca's order screen showing Monopoly tickets

As a guide, if you bought a 40 nugget sharer between four of you, along with four large fries and four large cold drinks, you’d pay around $60 and get 20 tickets.

But if you bought four Double McSpicy burgers, four medium fries and four medium cold drinks, you’d be paying around $81 and you’d only get 12 tickets.

That’s not exactly right since you’ll get meal offers, bringing the prices down, but it does show you that there are definitely some items you would get better value from if you’re ticket-hunting.

The Bottom Line

It’s important to remember that not everything on the menu comes with stickers during Macca’s Monopoly. Most drinks do, and fries as well, but if you want the most cards then you’ll need to choose your main item carefully.

But if you want the best value, you’ll want a large fries and a McFlurry to follow up with – those give you the best pieces per price and they don’t cost a lot in total either.

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