What Age Group is Monopoly For?

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Monopoly is a fun game that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. There are thousands of different versions of Monopoly – board games, card games, and online Monopoly games that you can enjoy on various consoles and devices.

The age requirement to play Monopoly depends on which version you play. So, if you’re wondering whether your kids are old enough to play Monopoly, the answer is almost certainly yes! You’ll just need to choose a Monopoly set that matches their age.

Family playing Monopoly

Monopoly Age Range

The age requirement to play Classic Monopoly is 8 years and over. The actual age at which a child can play Monopoly will vary depending on their attention span and mathematical ability.

While some six-year-olds will be able to play Monopoly with help, some nine-year-olds may struggle. It’s a good idea for adults to join in the game for the first few times until kids have the skills needed to play without help.

If your child is too young to play Classic Monopoly, or you want your kids to be able to play together without help, then Monopoly Junior is a good alternative. It’s a version of Monopoly for kids that is simplified, and easier to understand.

There are also some Monopoly versions that will appeal to older kids and teenagers, as well as some adult Monopoly games that you’ll want to keep well out of reach!

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The Best Monopoly Sets for Younger Kids (age 4 to 7)

Let’s start by taking a look at some of the beginner Monopoly sets that are great for younger kids.

According to the manufacturer, Hasbro, Monopoly Junior games are suitable for kids aged five and over. My kids are aged four and six and they love to play Monopoly Junior, although the youngest is still working on losing gracefully!


Can four-year-olds play Monopoly?

Although Monopoly Junior is recommended for kids aged five and over, the game is simple enough for most four-year-olds to enjoy. The main problem with younger kids playing Monopoly is that they may get upset when they have to hand over money.

Monopoly Junior

Marketed as ‘My First Monopoly Game’, Monopoly Junior is a kids’ version of Classic Monopoly.

The board is smaller, the cash is simpler with only $1 bills and the tokens all have faces. Monopoly Junior is much faster to play than standard Monopoly. It usually takes us around 30 minutes to finish a game.

The only real downside to this game is that it’s a little boring for older kids.

Monopoly Junior Versions

You can get lots of different versions of Monopoly Junior. Some of the best kids Monopoly games to consider are:

The Best Monopoly Sets for Older Kids (age 8 to 12)

Once children reach eight years old, they’ll likely be bored of playing Monopoly Junior and ready for Classic Monopoly or one of its spin-offs.

Most Monopoly games are recommended for ages 8 and up. There are, however, some variations between the versions that will make some games more suitable for younger children than others.

If you’re worried about your child getting bored mid-way through a game, look out for Monopoly versions that have smaller boards with fewer squares for faster play. Some games also feature fun characters that will capture their attention for longer.

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Classic Monopoly

Many players believe that Classic Monopoly is the best Monopoly because it lets you focus on the game without being distracted by characters, having to deal with electronic banking, or unusual rules.

If you don’t yet own a Monopoly set, then I’d recommend that you buy Classic Monopoly first. It’s a timeless game that will never go out of fashion so you’ll be able to keep it in your family for generations to come.

Fun Monopoly Editions for Kids

If you already have Classic Monopoly or want to try something new, some of the best Monopoly versions that kids age 8 to 12 will love include:


Is playing Monopoly good for kids?

Playing Monopoly is great for kids because it teaches them math, reading, and negotiation skills. Playing board games like Monopoly is also a great way for families to bond together.

The Best Monopoly Sets for Teenagers

Fortnite Monopoly

Teenagers across the globe are raving over Fortnite Monopoly. If you struggle to get your teen to put down the games console and join in with family games nights, then Fortnight Monopoly could be the solution.

Fortnite Monopoly is suitable for kids aged 13 and over. Just as in the Fortnite video game, Fortnite Monopoly lets you build walls, pick up health packs and damage your opponents.

Fun Monopoly Editions for Teens

Not a Fortnite fan? Take a look at these other Monopoly editions that are great for teenagers…

The Best Monopoly Sets for Adults

Of course, Monopoly isn’t just for kids, far from it. There are many Monopoly sets that are strictly for adults only, themed around sex, drugs, alcohol, as well as popular R-Rated TV shows and movies.

But not all adult Monopoly games are X-Rated. Some are themed around political topics.

And there are some classic Monopoly sets that are designed as heirlooms with luxury wooden boards. You certainly wouldn’t want your kids to get their hands on those!

If you like to play Monopoly as a couple or with friends, then click here to see the 11 best Monopoly games for adults.

Alternatively, you could just take your regular Monopoly set and play a game of strip Monopoly!

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