Strip Monopoly Rules: How to Play Strip Monopoly

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Do you know what’s the best way to spice up a game of Monopoly? Strip Monopoly!

Just like strip poker, Strip Monopoly involves taking off one piece of clothing at a time, until the loser is naked. This isn’t a game you want to play with your family, but it can be a lot of fun to play with friends at a party!

If you remember the 1980 film ‘Friday the 13th’, the characters decided to play a game of Strip Monopoly to pass the time in a storm. It didn’t end well for them. Hopefully, it will for you!

Here’s a clip from the movie to jog your memory…

How To Play Strip Monopoly

Strip Monopoly (also called named Monopoly or dirty Monopoly) is very similar to regular Monopoly and can be played with any Monopoly set. You can use the Classic Monopoly rules.

The main rule of strip Monopoly is that clothing can be used just like cash. Each piece of clothing has value. You can pay with clothes or cash throughout the game to buy property and houses and to pay rent and fines.

The first person to run out of clothing and money loses the game (and their dignity).

Strip Monopoly Rules

Strip Monopoly Rules

According to the rules of strip Monopoly, each piece of clothing has a value as follows:

  • Shoes: $50 each
  • Socks or tights: $50 each
  • Sweater or jacket: $50
  • Top or shirt: $100
  • Pants or skirt: $100
  • Dress: $200
  • Bra: $300
  • Underwear: $500

These are the only clothing items that have value. You don’t get any money for hats, scarves, sunglasses, jewelry, or anything else.

Now, here’s how to play…

1. Give out the money

Add up the total value of everything that you are wearing according to the strip Monopoly rules. The banker must then give each player enough money so that their total is $1500.

For example, if you’re only wearing a dress, bra, and panties when you begin (total value = $1,000), then you will be given $500 in cash to make a total of $1500.

2. Pay with cash or clothes

When you need to pay for something (e.g. to buy a property), you can choose to pay with cash or clothes.

If you pay with clothes, you take off the item of clothing and sell it to the bank for the specified amount. You may remove clothes in any order.

For example, if you want to buy Baltic Avenue for $60, you can take off both shoes and the bank will give you $100. You can then pay $60 cash for the property and keep the remaining $40 cash.

Strip Monopoly Bank

3. Putting clothes back on

If you’re feeling exposed, you can buy your clothes back from the bank and put them on. You must pay an extra 10% of the value of each piece of clothing.

For example, if you’ve sold your shirt for $100, you must pay the bank $110 in cash to get it back.

4. Winning the game

When a player is naked and cannot pay, they are bankrupt and out of the game. The winner is the last player left wearing clothing!

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Some fun optional extra strip monopoly rules

There are a couple more strip Monopoly rules that you may wish to try. If you do, you should agree on these before the game begins.

Chance and Community Chest

Before you start the game of strip Monopoly, you may wish to write some of your own Chance and Community Chest cards and mix them into the pile.

These could have things like “Remove one item of clothing” or “Swap one item of clothing with the player to your left”.

Free Parking cash

Whenever anyone has to pay a fine to the bank, they place the cash in the middle of the board (after selling clothes if needed).

If you land on Free Parking, you have the choice to:

  1. Collect all of the cash
  2. Put one item of clothing back on
  3. Force everyone else to remove one item of clothing
Free parking cash

Keeping your underwear on

If a player does not wish to go fully naked but does not have enough money to pay, they may instead choose to make out with every player in the game (except family members).

This will enable them to skip paying whatever would have caused them to end up naked.

This rule may only be actioned once per player, during the game. So you can’t just keep landing on someone’s hotels and making out with everyone instead of paying up!

The Bottom Line (ahem)

Strip Monopoly is way more fun than regular Monopoly. You’ll certainly want to be careful who you play it with, though! If you thought that regular Monopoly was a ruiner of friendships, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

If you decide that strip Monopoly is a bit too risque but still want to spice up your games night, how about playing a Monopoly drinking game?

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