The Best Monopoly Electronic Banking Editions

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If you like playing Monopoly but hate counting out all the cash then you’re not alone. Counting Monopoly money can be incredibly boring, and it sometimes feels like you spend half of the game messing around with dollar bills.

If you’d like to play Monopoly faster and more easily, then one of the digital Monopoly Electronic Banking games could be right up your street, so to speak.

Read on for my reviews and comparisons of the best electronic banking versions of Monopoly. They’re perfect for those who hate to carry cash and prefer to use a Monopoly credit card!

Monopoly Electronic Banking

Is there an electronic Monopoly game?

You bet! There are several editions of Monopoly that have electronic banking. In this article, I’ll give you information about each, so that you can decide which you like the best.

The best electronic banking Monopoly?

If you’re short on time and just want to know which is the best electronic banking Monopoly game, then that would be Monopoly Ultimate Banking because it’s fast and easy to use, without being too different from Classic Monopoly.

Alternatively, read on for an overview of each of the Monopoly electronic banking editions…

1. Monopoly Electronic Banking

When did Monopoly Electronic Banking come out?

When the first Monopoly Electronic Banking came out in 2006 it caused something of a stir with its blue electronic banking unit that worked like a calculator. It was sometimes called the Monopoly credit card game.

The original 2006 version has six tokens which were based on the Monopoly Here and Now Edition. These were the Segway, Space Shuttle, Baseball Cap, Flat Screen TV, Altoids Container, and a Dog in a Handbag.

Another version was released in 2013. This version had only four tokens – Car, Aeroplane, Dog and Headphones, and a red electronic banking unit.

Both versions have now been discontinued, which means that you’ll probably struggle to find a new one. However, there are lots of second-hand games on Amazon and eBay.

How does Monopoly Electronic Banking work?

The Monopoly Electronic Banking game is the same as classic Monopoly. The only difference is that you each have a bank card instead of cash. Money is transferred between players and the bank using the electronic banking unit.

The money is different in this version of Monopoly in that everything is multiplied by 1,000. So, you collect $2m for passing go, rather than $200.

The game ends when the last player is bankrupt.

How long does Monopoly Electronic Banking take to play?

Whenever I’ve played this Monopoly Electronic Banking game, I’ve found that it isn’t any faster than a game of classic Monopoly played with cash. You have to put your bank card into the machine and key in the correct buttons every time.

The rules also give the option of a ‘speedy game’ which involves dealing two properties to each player at the start, only needing three houses before building a hotel, and the game ending as soon as two players go bankrupt.

Age: 8+

Players: 2-6 for the earlier version, 2-4 for the later one

I give Monopoly Electronic Banking three stars because it’s similar to classic Monopoly but not any faster. The banking unit is fun, but it doesn’t speed up the game at all.

2. Monopoly Ultimate Banking

When did Monopoly Ultimate Banking come out?

Monopoly Ultimate Banking came out in 2016. It’s not available to buy in many stores but you should be able to get it from Amazon for a reasonable price or pick one up from eBay.

Monopoly Ultimate Banking is a step-up from the original electronic banking Monopoly as it comes with tap technology. Instead of inserting your card, you can simply tap it on the machine, which makes everything so much faster! This also makes it much harder to cheat. It’s one of the best options for a Monopoly digital banking version.

While the banking unit in the original Monopoly Electronic Banking is like a calculator, the smart banking unit in Monopoly Ultimate Banking doesn’t have any number buttons. It knows how much money each player has and what properties they own!

How does Monopoly Ultimate Banking work?

Monopoly Ultimate Banking is quite similar to classic Monopoly, but with a few differences that speed up the game.

First of all, you don’t need to own a full color set to buy houses. There are no hotels and you can only buy one house per property. When someone lands on your house, not only do they pay you rent, but your rent then increases by one level up to a maximum of Level 5 rent.

The game board is slightly smaller, with 36 spaces rather than 40. There are no Chance or Community Chest Cards, instead, there are Event cards. There are also no Railroads or Utilities, but there are Location spaces that allow you to move to any space on the board.

The game ends when one player goes bankrupt.

How long does Monopoly Ultimate Banking take to play?

Monopoly Ultimate Banking is much faster than classic Monopoly with paper money. The game usually takes under an hour.

Age: 8+

Players: 2-4

I give Monopoly Ultimate Banking four stars because the electronic banking unit is easy to use and the game is fast to play.

3. Monopoly Voice Banking

When did Monopoly Voice Banking come out?

Monopoly Voice banking was released in 2019. An upgrade to the previous electronic versions of Monopoly, this one has a top hat-shaped smart speaker in the center of the board to take care of the banking for you.

How does Monopoly Voice Banking work?

In Monopoly Voice Banking, Mr Monopoly is the Banker. Players communicate with him by pressing a button on the top hat and saying commands such as ‘pay rent on Boardwalk’.

The Monopoly Voice Banking board is smaller than the classic Monopoly board, with 32 spaces instead of 40. There are also some new rules to make the game go faster.

In this game, you can only build one house per property. You can also choose to skip the house altogether and build a hotel if you wish. The Railroads are replaced by Train Ride spaces; when you land on one, Mr Monopoly will tell you where to move to.

There are no physical Chance cards, as Mr Monopoly reads them for you. There are also no Utilities. Instead, there are three Trade spaces, which give you the option to force a swap.

The game ends when one player goes bankrupt. Whoever has the most assets is the winner.

How long does Monopoly Voice Banking take to play?

Monopoly Voice Banking is much quicker to play than classic Monopoly. A game usually takes around 30 to 45 minutes.

Age: 8+

Players: 2-4

I give Monopoly Voice Banking three stars because the voice recognition doesn’t always work, which can be annoying. Also, there’s not so much skill involved; who wins is mostly down to luck.

4. Monopoly Super Electronic Banking

When did Monopoly Super Electronic Banking come out?

Monopoly Super Electronic Banking came out in 2020. You’ll sometimes find it listed under the name Monopoly Ultimate Rewards.

Just like in Monopoly Ultimate Banking, the electronic banking unit in Monopoly Super Electronic Banking only requires you to tap your card, rather than insert it. The machine knows how much money each player has and what properties they own.

Monopoly super Electronic Banking Unit

How does Monopoly Super Electronic Banking work?

Monopoly Super Electronic Banking is quite different from classic Monopoly. To begin, each player chooses a token which has a unique reward:

  • World Traveler (Yellow Car) – Get $50 when you roll a 6
  • Frequent Flyer (Blue Airplane) – You can use a Flight Space for free (saving $100)
  • Super Saver (White Safe) – Get a $50 bonus when you land on Chance
  • Big Spender (Red Bag) – Get $50 when you’re the first to buy from a color group

The game features a smaller board (with 32 spaces rather than 40) and no houses or hotels. There is only a single die.

Instead of Railroads, you have Flight Spaces, where you can choose to take a flight to any property on the board. There are also Forced Trade spaces where you must trade a property with another player.

The game ends when the last property has been bought.

How long does Monopoly Super Electronic Banking take to play?

Monopoly Super Electronic Banking is the fastest Monopoly version. The game time varies, but it’s certainly possible to finish this game in under 30 minutes.

Age: 8+

Players: 2-4

I give Monopoly Super Electronic Banking four stars because really fast and easy to play and the rewards add an extra level of fun. However, this game is more based on luck, rather than skill.

5. Other Monopoly Electronic Banking Editions

There are some more electronic banking versions of Monopoly which you also may wish to consider…

Monopoly Here & Now The World Edition

Released: 2008

Age: 8+

Players: 2-6

Monopoly Simpsons Electronic Banking

Released: 2009

Age: 8+

Players: 2-6

Monopoly Revolution

Released: 2010

Age: 8+

Players: 2-6

Monopoly Junior Electronic Banking

Released: 2019

Age: 5+

Players: 2-4

Which is the best electronic banking Monopoly set?

The best version of Monopoly with electronic banking is Monopoly Ultimate Banking. The touch-sensitive electronic banking unit is easy to use and the game has some new rules that make it faster to play, without being too dissimilar to classic Monopoly.

If you fancy something different, Monopoly Super Electronic Banking has some fun new rules and is also the fastest game to play out of all the games I’ve reviewed here.

Monopoly Super Electronic Banking

While Monopoly Voice Banking sounds great in theory, the technology isn’t quite there to make it work 100% of the time. Perhaps there will be a new and improved version in the future.

Why is Monopoly Electronic Banking so expensive?

There are several different editions of Monopoly Electronic Banking. The original Monopoly Electronic Banking is expensive because it is no longer made, so it is rare.

Newer credit card Monopoly versions such as Monopoly Ultimate Banking, Monopoly Voice Banking, and Monopoly Super Electronic Banking are not as expensive.

Make sure you’re up to date with the Monopoly Electronic Banking rules, too so that you know how these cool games work.

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