Macca’s Monopoly Regent St: Rare or Not? (Australia 2022)

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If you’re playing Macca’s Monopoly in 2022, you’ll no doubt want to know which of the properties are the rare ones – the ones that are essentially the key to a prize.

Most properties are common, and easy to get your hands on, but there’s one in every colour set that is very hard to find.

With the green colour set, you might be wondering whether Regent Street is the rare one – especially if you’ve happened to find it.

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If you have your eyes on the battery powerstation prize that you get for completing the green set, then read on to discover which of the set is the rare one in McDonalds Australia Monopoly this year.

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Is Regent Street rare in Maccas Monopoly?

Regent Street is the rare property token in Macca’s Monopoly for 2022. There is only one Regent Street token available in the whole game, giving you odds of around 1 in 194 million of finding it. If you do, you can win the battery powerstation prize worth around $300.

Despite the green colour set being one of the highest valued in a regular Monopoly game, the prize you get for completing the set is the lowest value prize you can get by completing a property set in Macca’s Monopoly. But it’s still a great prize, so you’ll want to look out for Regent Street as the rare property.

The other two green property cards – Oxford Street and Bond Street – are common, and so shouldn’t be too difficult to find.

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If you want to check the voucher codes, then you’re looking for A544 for Regent Street. Oxford Street is A545 and Bond Street is A546.

You can see which other McDonalds Monopoly properties are rare in this list of rare Macca’s Monopoly tickets.

How to get Regent Street in Maccas Monopoly

To get the Regent Street property card in Macca’s Monopoly, you’ll need to buy eligible menu items that come with stickers you can peel. There is only one, so you will have to be lucky to find it.

macca's monopoly food items.

Check out this list of Macca’s Monopoly qualifying items to make sure that you buy something with game pieces attached.

Once you have Regent Street, you can register it on the MyMacca’s app using the 12-digit code. You still need to keep the sticker safe until you have claimed your prize though.

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You can get property tickets through the MyMacca’s app as well, thanks to Chance cards. However, because there is only one Regent Street token available it will be physical only.

You can mix and match digital and physical though, so if you find the Regent Street sticker and then get Oxford Street and Bond Street through the app, you can claim the prize.

What to do if you have Regent Street in Maccas Monopoly

If you have Regent Street, you need to register it on the MyMacca’s app, and then make sure you find somewhere safe to keep the ticket until you’re ready to claim your prize.

You’ll need to then find Oxford Street and Bond Street. They’re common, so you’ll have a roughly 1 in 25 chance of finding each of them. It’s a good idea to look for the best value food items, so that you spend the least amount trying to get the pieces you need.

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What you shouldn’t do is advertise that you need other tokens – buying or trading pieces is against the rules, and if you’re found to have broken them then you won’t be able to make a valid claim, and the prize will go to the Second Chance Draw instead.

The Bottom Line

Regent Street is one of the rare properties in Macca’s Monopoly, so if you find it, make sure you register it on the app immediately and then find somewhere safe to store it until you can claim the prize.

However, if you’re really desperate for the prize of a battery powerstation, you’ve got a lot better chance of winning it as an Instant Win. There is only one Regent Street sticker, but there are 79 Instant Win tokens for the same prize. So keep trying!

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