Maccas Monopoly Prizes (Australia 2024)

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While playing Macca’s Monopoly itself is fun, the best thing about it is the prizes. And in 2023, there were some great ones up for grabs.

In fact, there were over $786 million worth of prizes to be won – a huge increase in value of around 35% compared to 2022!

Maccas Monopoly Prize Screen

Of course, only a handful of prizes are worth serious money, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore those worth a little less. It’s always nice to get a freebie.

So, let’s take a look at the full list of prizes you could win when you played McDonalds Monopoly in Australia in 2023.

What Are the Macca’s Monopoly Prizes?

There were a huge number of prizes that could be won in Macca’s Monopoly 2023, including 2 Isuzu MU-X SUVs, 13 cruises, high-value gift cards worth thousands of dollars, and more, along with a host of food item prizes.

The prizes can be split into four main categories:

The Collect & Win prizes are those that you needed to collect the properties for, whether using physical stickers or bonus digital properties through the app.

Instant Win prizes could be won either on tokens or digitally on the app, allowing you to claim a prize immediately.

Collect & Win Prizes

Let’s start with the Collect & Win prizes for 2023. There were 56 of these that could be won.

Property ColourProperties Needed (with Ticket Number)PrizeValueNumber of Prizes
Dark Blue/NavyPark Lane (A209)
Mayfair (A210)
Oppo Find X5 Smartphone$1,1995
GreenRegent Street (A211) Oxford Street (A212) Bond Street (A213)Isuzu MU-X LS-T SUV$75,014.121
YellowLeicester Square (A200) Coventry Street (A201) Piccadilly (A202)Amart Furniture Gift Card$10,0001
RedThe Strand (A220) Fleet Street (A221) Trafalgar Square (A222)Amazon Gift Card$10,0001
OrangeBow Street (A217) Marlborough Street (A218) Vine Street (A219)Free Fuel for 1 Year with Ampol$4,0002
PinkPall Mall (A223) Whitehall (A224)
Northumberland Avenue (A225)
Weber Family Q+ Premium BBQ$99930
Light BlueThe Angel Islington (A214) Euston Road (A215) Pentonville Road (A216)10-night South Pacific Cruise for 4$8,0005
StationsMarylebone Station (A203) Kings Cross Station (A204) Liverpool Street Station (A205) Fenchurch Street Station (A206)Eftpos Gift Card$25,0001
BrownOld Kent Road (A207) Whitechapel Road (A208)TV & Soundbar$4,69810
Maccas Monopoly collect and win game on mobile phone
Collect & Win

Instant Win Prizes

Next, here’s a run down of all the instant win prizes. This list is huge. If you got one of these, either as a sticker or a digital prize in the app, you won automatically – you didn’t need to collect different tokens.

Here’s the full list of Instant Win McDonalds Monopoly Prizes for 2023:

PrizeTicket NumberValueMax no.
Isuzu Mu-X Ls-TA107$75,014.121
$10,000 E-Gift CardA199$1,000.002
$10,000 Fashion E-VoucherA115$1,000.003
$10,000 Travel Gift CardA116$1,000.002
10 Night Sth Pacific CruiseA112$8,000.008
$5,000 E-Gift CardA102$5,000.004
$5,000 E-Gift CardA106$5,000.004
$5,000 Lifestyle VoucherA108$5,000.003
$5,000 Travel Gift CardA117$5,000.004
Tv & SoundbarA113$4,698.0010
Free Fuel For A YearA104$4,000.003
Free Taxi For A YearA100$3,500.006
Dc Ltd Ed E-Scooter + HelmetA109$3,368.003
Cyber E-Scooter + HelmetA110$3,068.008
Gts Max E-Scooter + HelmetA111$2,868.006
Fridge & DryerA114$2,798.0010
$2,500 Furniture E-Gift CardA252$2,500.005
$2,500 E-Gift CardA103$2,500.0010
Coffee MachineA105$2,099.0050
$2,000 Travel Gift CardA118$2,000.008
Home Sound Sys & W/Less HpA136$1,998.0010
Free Taxi For 6 MnthsA119$1,750.0012
Cross TrainerA123$1,579.006
Set Of 4 TyresA127$1,500.006
$1,500 Travel Gift CardA135$1,500.0016
Home Sound SysA137$1,499.004
Rs E-Scooter + HelmetA131$1,368.0010
Smart PhoneA132$1,199.0015
Ultimate Gardening KitA122$1,171.9730
Free Macca’S For A YearA130$1,040.0010
$1,000 Furniture E-Gift CardA120$1,000.0020
$1,000 E-Gift CardA121$1,000.0020
$1,000 Hotel Gift CardA125$1,000.0010
$1,000 Online Streetwear E-Voucher (Abbrev: Onl S/Wear)A126$1,000.0010
$1,000 E-Gift CardA128$1,000.0010
$1,000 Lifestyle VoucherA129$1,000.005
$1,000 Online E-VoucherA133$1,000.0020
$1,000 CashbackA134$1,000.003
Reno8 Smart PhoneA167$999.0020
Family BbqA177$999.0050
S Pro E-Scooter + HelmetA160$968.0015
Ultimate Tool KitA150$902.9540
Free Taxi For 3 MnthsA138$875.0035
S E-Scooter + HelmetA161$768.0021
Lighting PackA170$569.85180
$500 Furniture E-Gift CardA141$500.0051
$500 E-Gift CardA144$500.0020
$500 Fuel Gift CardA146$500.0020
2-Night Hotel BreakA153$500.00100
$500 E-Gift CardA155$500.0020
$500 Lifestyle VoucherA158$500.0010
$500 Online E-VoucherA169$500.0050
$500 CashbackA173$500.005
$500 Fashion E-VoucherA176$500.0050
$450 Gift CardA159$450.0010
1 Yr Fam Attraction PassA162$428.0010
Performance Upright BikeA151$420.006
4 Slice Toaster And Kettle SetA164$319.90100
Enco X Ear BudsA168$299.00200
Btq Collect. Slow Cooker &
Stand Blender
Boardgame PackA157$255.95160
$250 Furniture E-Gift CardA142$250.0060
$250 E-Gift CardA145$250.0060
Bbq E-VoucherA178$250.0080
$200 Taxi CreditA139$200.0060
$200 Fuel Gift CardA147$200.0050
$200 Streetwear E-VoucherA154$200.00100
$200 E-Gift CardA156$200.0050
$200 Cashback E-VoucherA174$200.0010
Fam Of 4 Attractions PassA163$168.00100
Year Of Audiobooks New Cust
$150 Fuel Gift CardA148$150.0060
12-Month Mag SubscriptionA171$143.8850
1 Yr Fitness App AccessA179$119.881,000,000
$100 Taxi CreditA140$100.00100
$100 Furniture E-Gift CardA143$100.0080
$100 Cashback E-VoucherA175$100.0050
Mini TrampolineA152$94.0020
6-Month Mag SubscriptionA172$71.941,000,000
$50 Taxi CreditA180$50.00110
$50 Furniture E-Gift CardA181$50.00100
$50 Fuel Gift CardA184$50.0020
$50 Costume VoucherA186$50.0050
$50 E-Gift CardA188$50.00100
$50 Experience VoucherA189$50.00125
$50 Groupon VoucherA190$50.0050
$50 Online E-VoucherA195$50.00100
$50 Cashback E-VoucherA197$50.00150
3 Months Of Free Audiobooks
New Cust Only
Free Activity Session 1A192$30.002,600,000
Free Activity Session 2A193$30.002,605,787
Free Activity Session 3A194$30.002,483,159
$25 Furniture E-Gift CardA182$25.00160
3 Months Of Free Prime Video
New Cust Only
$20 Cashback E-VoucherA198$20.0020,000
$10 Costume VoucherA187$10.0050,000
$10 Groupon VoucherA191$10.00200,000
$10 Online E-VoucherA196$10.00125,000
1Yr Mag SubscriptionA310$19.991,000,000
winning a prize in Maccas Monopoly on mobile phone
Instant Win

Discount Voucher Prizes

Then there are the discount code Instant Win prizes. With these, you aren’t winning a prize, but you’ll save money on purchases. Arguably they aren’t as good, because you only get something if you spend your own money. But there are some good discounts to be had, so don’t assume they’re worthless.

There were 7,628,682 vouchers you can win, each worth $10. A minimum spend may apply.

Maccas Monopoly prize redemption on mobile phone
Redeeming a discount voucher prize

Food Prizes

And finally, the Instant Win food prizes. Win one of these and you got a free food or drink item, with no purchase necessary…

PrizeTicket NumberValueNumber of Prizes (pieces)Number of Prizes (in app)
McChicken or Quarter PounderA300$7.60903,4431,113,068
Big Mac or McChickenA301$7.60903,4431,113,068
Bacon & Egg or Sausage & Egg McMuffinA302$5.80903,4431,113,068
Cheeseburger or Sausage McMuffinA303$5.001,445,5071,780,910
Small McCafe Tea/Coffee or Soft DrinkA304$4.153,252,3924,007,046
Small Sundae or Apple PieA305$3.902,710,3273,339,205
Small Soft Drink or Frozen DrinkA306$3.703,252,3924,007,046
Small Fries or Fruit BagA307$2.504,697,9005,787,955
Winning a small fries or fruit bag in Maccas Monopoly
Winning a small fries or fruit bag

Final Word

As you can see, that’s a massive list of prizes that were available. The odds of winning when you play Macca’s Monopoly are around 1 in 4, so it’s definitely worth playing when the promotion is next running.

Make sure you keep any winning stickers though, even if you scan them into the app – you’ll need them to claim your prize.

While most of the prizes are instant wins, the Collect & Win tickets will make up a lot of the stickers you pull. So make sure you look out for the rare Macca’s Monopoly pieces and look after them carefully if you get one!

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