Macca’s Monopoly Piccadilly: Rare or Not? (Australia 2024)

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One of the best prizes in Macca’s Monopoly 2023 was a furniture gift card for Amart worth $10,000. And if you wanted to get your hands on it, you needed to complete the yellow set of property cards.

If you’re hoping to go down the route of collecting the properties for next time the promotion is run, then you’ll need to know which is the rare token.

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Some are common, but in every set there’s always one that is extremely difficult to find. For the yellows, is it Piccadilly?

Is Piccadilly Rare in Maccas Monopoly?

Piccadilly was the rare property for the yellow set in McDonalds Monopoly in 2023. There was just one token available, which gives you odds of around 1 in 200 million of finding one. If you do and you completed the yellow set, you won an Amart gift voucher worth $10,000.

The prize was one of the most valuable that you could get by collecting tokens – only two prizes had a higher $ value. That’s the car that you got for completing the dark blue set, and the $25,000 Eftpos gift card that you won if you completed the Stations set.

Of course, if you find Piccadilly, then you also need to find the other yellow properties, Leicester Square and Coventry Street. These are common, and so should be much easier to find. 

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You can double-check that your tickets are valid as they all have a voucher code. For Piccadilly, you’re looking for A202, while Leicester Square is A200 and Coventry Street is A201.

How To Get Piccadilly in Maccas Monopoly

To get the Piccadilly property piece in Macca’s Monopoly when the promotion is running, you’ll need to visit the store (or order online for delivery) and make sure you choose eligible menu items that have stickers attached.

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Check out this list of Macca’s Monopoly menu items to know what you can order.

There are also digital properties that you can get by collecting Chance tokens. When you enter these into the MyMacca’s app, you may win a random property card. McDonalds hasn’t announced which properties will be digital and which will be physical-only, but expect all the rare ones to be physical.

That means you can still get Leicester Square and Coventry Street through the app, and since you can mix and match between digital and physical, it’s worth trying every Chance card you find if you get lucky enough to pull a Piccadilly sticker on your food.

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What To Do if You Have Piccadilly in Maccas Monopoly

If you’ve found Piccadilly in Macca’s Monopoly (when the promotion is running), then lucky you! Get it registered on the MyMacca’s app immediately, and make sure you’ve got somewhere safe to put the piece until you can make your claim.

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Then, your mission to find Leicester Square and Coventry Street begins. Buy eligible food items that have a higher number of pieces to maximise your chances.

What you shouldn’t do is start asking for missing tokens on social media, or offering to sell it. That’s against the rules and will mean any prize claims made with the ticket will be invalid. That gift voucher will be added to the Second Chance Draw instead.

In the UK, someone tried selling a huge reel of 400 unpeeled stickers. The listing didn’t last long on Gumtree!

Monopoly Stickers for sale

The Bottom Line

That Piccadilly Monopoly piece was extremely rare in Macca’s Monopoly 2023 with just one of the cards available. If you found it, I hope you completed the set and claimed your prize!

Take a look at the full list of rare Macca’s Monopoly pieces so that you know what to look for next year.

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