Rare Macca’s Monopoly Pieces (Australia 2022)

mcdonalds monopoly game on mobile phone

While the majority of the prizes in Macca’s Monopoly are Instant Wins, some of the biggest prizes rely on you collecting the properties to gather a full colour set. And a lot of the stickers that you get will be …

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Maccas Monopoly Prizes (Australia 2022)

monopoly prize poster

While playing Macca’s Monopoly itself is fun, the best thing about it is the prizes. And in 2022, there were some great ones up for grabs. In fact, there were over 57 million prizes that could be won, with a …

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McDonalds Monopoly Participating Items 2022 (Australia)

McDonald's food

Macca’s Monopoly ran once again in 2022, with your chance to win some pretty cool prizes. McDonalds Australia announced a prize list that included a car, a $10,000 flights gift card, free fuel for a year and more. Unfortunately the …

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McDonalds Monopoly UK (2022): What You Need To Know

McDonalds Monopoly post

McDonalds Monopoly has already been and gone for 2022 – here’s a look at how it all worked (since it’ll probably be very similar next year too!) In this guide to McDonalds Monopoly, I’ll explain everything you need to know. …

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McDonalds Monopoly Code Checker

mcdonalds monopoly sticker

If you visited McDonalds in the UK between 7th September and 18th October 2022, you were able to play the McDonalds Monopoly game. When you buy qualifying menu items, you can peel back stickers to win prizes. Each game piece …

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Park Lane in McDonalds Monopoly: Good or Not? (UK 2022)

Park Lane sticker in McDonalds Monopoly

McDonalds Monopoly is a fun game in which you can win prizes by collecting full sets of Monopoly properties. If you’ve ever played Monopoly, you’ll know that Park Lane is one of the best properties on the UK board. Plus, …

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McDonalds Monopoly Bond Street: How To Get It (UK 2022)

regent st and oxford st monopoly sticker

Collect all three Green properties in McDonalds Monopoly UK and you can win yourself an electric Mini car. Sweet. Regent Street (M417) and Oxford Street (M418) are pretty easy to get, but you might find getting hold of the Bond …

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How To Scan McDonalds Monopoly Codes

mcdonalds monopoly double peel app

Sometimes, it’s just not obvious at all how you scan a McDonalds Monopoly sticker. But, scanning your ticket is vital to bank your property in the McDonalds app and also to play the Double Peel game that gives you a …

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How To Redeem McDonalds Monopoly Prizes (UK)

McDonalds monopoly prize

So you’ve won a prize with McDonalds Monopoly – Congratulations! In this guide, I’ll explain exactly what you need to do to claim your prize, whether that’s at the McDonalds counter, drive-thru, self-service machine, on the app, for delivery or …

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