McDonalds Monopoly Bond Street: How To Get It (UK 2022)

regent st and oxford st monopoly sticker

Collect all three Green properties in McDonalds Monopoly UK and you can win yourself an electric Mini car. Sweet. Regent Street (M417) and Oxford Street (M418) are pretty easy to get, but you might find getting hold of the Bond …

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Is Mayfair Rare in McDonalds Monopoly Australia (2022)

maccas monopoly

With Macca’s Monopoly, there are two main ways to win a prize – you can get Instant Win cards, or you can collect all the properties within one colour set. And every year, there’s one rare token for every colour …

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Rare Macca’s Monopoly Pieces (Australia 2022)

mcdonalds monopoly game on mobile phone

While the majority of the prizes in Macca’s Monopoly are Instant Wins, some of the biggest prizes rely on you collecting the properties to gather a full colour set. And a lot of the stickers that you get will be …

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Maccas Monopoly Prizes (Australia 2022)

monopoly prize poster

While playing Macca’s Monopoly itself is fun, the best thing about it is the prizes. And in 2022, there are some great ones up for grabs. In fact, there are over 57 million prizes that can be won, with a …

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McDonalds Monopoly Participating Items 2022 (Australia)

McDonald's food

It’s back – Macca’s Monopoly is once again running in 2022 with your chance to win some pretty cool prizes. McDonalds Australia has announced a prize list that includes a car, a $10,000 flights gift card, free fuel for a …

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McDonald’s Monopoly Prizes 2022

McDonalds monopoly app

In McDonald’s Monopoly 2022, there are over 100 million prizes up for grabs. With more than one prize for each and every person in the UK to be won, you stand a really good chance of winning. But what exactly …

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