Monopoly Man: Name, History, Wealth & More Facts

If you hear the words ‘Monopoly Man’, then you’ll likely imagine the man with the mustache that’s been a feature of Monopoly board games since 1936. The Monopoly man has many names, including Mr. Monopoly, Rich Uncle Pennybags, or The …

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Monopoly Man Vs Pringles Man

Have you ever wondered what’s going on with the Pringles Man and the Monopoly Man? I mean, you can’t deny that they look like the same guy! So are they related? Brothers maybe? Or does the guy on the Monopoly …

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7 Incredible Monopoly World Records

Monopoly World Record

Monopoly is the world’s most popular board game, played by over 500 million people across the world. So, it may come as little surprise that the game of Monopoly is featured in several official world records. The ultimate authority on …

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10 Best Games Like Monopoly Deal

friends playing card games

If you’re like me, you’ll want to play Monopoly as much as possible, but it just isn’t practical to carry a Monopoly board everywhere (though you could try!) So how about card games? They’re ideal for train journeys, vacations, lunch …

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100+ Monopoly Crossword Clues & Answers

Monopoly crossword

Stuck on a crossword with a Monopoly clue? I’m here to help you! The game of Monopoly features in the clues of thousands of crossword puzzles. But, unless you’re familiar with the game, it can be very tricky to work …

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Monopoly Money Vs Real Money

Ever tried to pay for something in real life with Monopoly money? It’s unlikely you got away with it if you did, although some people have managed it in the past (more on that later). There are a lot of …

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25 Cute & Funny Monopoly Names for Your Baby or Pet

Monopoly names

If you’re looking for a name for your new baby, puppy, or kitten, then there’s a lot of inspiration to be had from the Monopoly board! Some of the Monopoly street names can be adapted into unique baby names. And …

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