7 Incredible Monopoly World Records

Monopoly World Record

Monopoly is the world’s most popular board game, played by over 500 million people across the world. So, it may come as little surprise that the game of Monopoly is featured in several official world records. The ultimate authority on …

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The Best Monopoly Movies & TV Series To Watch

Monopoly Movies & TV Series To Watch

Everyone knows that Monopoly is a board game, but its influence has long since been felt in popular culture. In this post, I will run through all the movies and TV shows that have been inspired in some way by …

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100+ Monopoly Crossword Clues & Answers

Monopoly crossword

Stuck on a crossword with a Monopoly clue? I’m here to help you! The game of Monopoly features in the clues of thousands of crossword puzzles. But, unless you’re familiar with the game, it can be very tricky to work …

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Monopoly Money Vs Real Money

Ever tried to pay for something in real life with Monopoly money? It’s unlikely you got away with it if you did, although some people have managed it in the past (more on that later). There are a lot of …

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Who Invented Monopoly?

Who invented Monopoly? Sounds like a simple question, right? Well, maybe, but the answer is not so simple. It turns out that the game has a pretty long, interesting, and somewhat controversial history. So, let’s take a look… Who originally …

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16 Insane Facts About Alec Monopoly

Alec Monopoly is a graffiti artist who’s famed for using the Monopoly Man character in his artwork. Originally from New York City, Alec Monopoly has accumulated vast wealth and has sold his Monopoly-themed paintings for many thousands of dollars But …

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6 Places Where Monopoly Has Been Banned

Monopoly is one of those games that can cause all kinds of arguments, and it’s often banned in homes by parents who are sick of all the fighting. But did you know that some entire countries have banned the game? …

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27 Fun Facts About Monopoly

Looking for some interesting facts about Monopoly? Want to understand a little more about the history of the world’s most famous board game? There are certainly some unusual things to learn. So, arm yourself with these Monopoly facts for kids …

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London Monopoly Board (Photo & Map of Locations)

The UK Monopoly board has property names based on streets and stations in London. Whether you’re familiar with London or not, looking at the London Monopoly board streets on a map can be fascinating. Below, you can see a map …

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