What Happened to the Thimble in Monopoly?

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Once upon a time, the Monopoly thimble was one of the most popular Monopoly tokens. Yet this metal finger protector is notably absent from new Monopoly sets.

In this article, you’ll learn the fate of the Monopoly thimble. We’ll also discuss the meaning of the thimble in Monopoly, why it was included in the original lineup of tokens, and why it is no more.

Monopoly thimble

Is there a thimble in Monopoly?

There is no longer a thimble in Monopoly. The piece was retired in 2017 along with the boot and the wheelbarrow. These classic Monopoly tokens were replaced by the T-Rex, the penguin, and the rubber ducky.

Why was the thimble replaced?

In January 2017, Monopoly manufacturer Hasbro decided to put the future of the Monopoly tokens in the hands of people on the internet. The company held a vote, asking fans to choose their favorites from a list of 64 old and new tokens.

The Monopoly Token Madness campaign attracted over 4.3 million votes from fans across more than 100 countries.

When the results were announced on March 19, 2017, it seemed the majority of Monopoly fans wanted to keep the original tokens rather than see the introduction of new pieces such as a kissy face emoji or a flip phone.

However, three of the original tokens – the thimble, the boot, and the wheelbarrow – didn’t attract quite enough votes to make the cut.

Monopoly thimble and hat
Photo credit: Philippa Warr

The least popular token was the wheelbarrow, with just 60,000 votes. The thimble was the second-least popular Monopoly token, with just 81,000 votes. The boot was also booted out with 83,000 votes.

The most popular token was the Monopoly dog, with 212,000 votes.

Many Monopoly players were not happy that the thimble, boot, and wheelbarrow were replaced. They argue that the T-Rex, penguin, and rubber ducky are irrelevant pieces that don’t have the same deep and historical meaning as the old tokens.

Why was there a thimble in Monopoly?

The original Monopoly tokens such as the thimble were introduced in 1935 when Parker Brothers bought the game rights. Before this, no tokens were included in the game. Instead, players used items from around the home such as buttons, charms, and, quite probably, actual thimbles.

Thimbles were common household items in the 1930s when women regularly mended old clothing rather than buying new. As such, the thimble was a popular token, especially among female Monopoly players.

Thimble tokens in the early versions of Monopoly included the inscription “for a good girl”.

Old Monopoly Thimble
1956 Monopoly thimble with inscription
Photo credit: Steve Dobson

Monopoly thimble meaning

The original six Monopoly pieces were the thimble, iron, boot, top hat, battleship, and cannon. The thimble, iron, and boot represented the poor while the top hat, battleship, and cannon represented the rich.

The original Monopoly tokens have great historical significance, highlighting the impact of The Great Depression on capitalism, industrialism, and monopolism that allowed the wealthy few to influence the fates of the many poor.

The Monopoly thimble token was a symbol of the domesticity and humility of the poor.

Are old Monopoly thimble pieces worth anything?

Given that Monopoly thimble tokens have been discontinued, you might be wondering whether old Monopoly thimbles are worth any money to collectors.

Unfortunately, old Monopoly thimbles don’t hold value as millions of them still exist in old Monopoly games.

You can buy original Monopoly thimble tokens for $1 to $2 from eBay. Deluxe Edition 24K gold-plated Monopoly thimbles are worth $5 to $10.

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