Solving the Mystery of the Monopoly Dog Breed: Uncovering the Roots of this Iconic Token

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There are two types of Monopoly players – those that call the token the ‘dog’ and those that refer to it by its proper name.

Monopoly dog breed

I wouldn’t be surprised if dog people tend to use the proper name more, although the dog breed and name have been official for a number of years and it may just be that die-hard Monopoly fans insist on using the correct terms.

So, what kind of dog is the Monopoly piece, and what is its name?

What breed is the Monopoly dog?

The breed of the dog in Monopoly is Scottish Terrier, often abbreviated to a ‘Scottie’. The breed is sometimes known as an Aberdeen Terrier, named for the city in north-eastern Scotland where the breed originated.

Scottish Terrier
A Scottish Terrier

There is no definitive answer as to why the Scottish Terrier was chosen as the breed for the Monopoly dog, but most people believe it is linked to Fala, the Scottish Terrier owned by US president Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Franklin D. Roosevelt with Fala
Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library & Museum, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Fala was born in 1940 and was gifted to Roosevelt in the same year, and the Scottish Terrier was introduced to Monopoly in 1942, so the dates definitely line up.

Also, Fala was an exceptionally popular dog across the US, and so would’ve definitely been famous enough to justify having the playing token created in his honor.

Roosevelt would often take Fala on trips with him, and the dog was frequently mentioned in media write-ups of presidential activities. He was even used as a question by American soldiers during the Battle of the Bulge – asking each other the president’s dog’s name to try to protect against Germans infiltrating the ranks.

Fala was so popular that he is the only presidential pet to ever be memorialized in a statue. In fact, he has two – one on the memorial for Roosevelt in Washington, and another in the Paseo de los Presidentes in San Juan, Puerto Rico (source).

The Monopoly dog definitely looks like a Scottish Terrier and the breed has been confirmed by the makers of the game at the time, with it being retained as the game moved under Hasbro’s ownership.

Some people mistakenly believe it to be a Schnauzer – the dog breeds do have very similar profiles.

Kish The Miniature Schnauzer

And some also think that the Monopoly dog has stripes. That’s just because of how the thick, wiry coat is depicted in the design of the tokens. Neither the real Scottish Terrier breed nor the Monopoly playing piece has stripes.

Monopoly dog token

What is the Monopoly dog’s name?

The name of the dog in Monopoly is Scottie. While some people mistakenly believe the name to be spelled as ‘Scotty’, Hasbro has confirmed the spelling ends with “ie”. The dog is also, in Monopoly canon, the loyal pet of Mr. Monopoly.

So while many people have referred to the dog as ‘Scottie’ for years just as a shortened version of the breed, it is now officially his name. Feel free to show off that knowledge the next time you play Monopoly.

And there are plenty of other interesting facts about the dog too. Did you know it was voted the most popular of the playing pieces in Monopoly?

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And also, were you aware that you can buy a Dog Lovers’ Monopoly Theme Pack as an expansion to your existing Monopoly game if you want to play as other breeds of dog?

It includes the Labrador, Beagle, German Shepherd, Labradoodle, Dachshund, and Scottish Terrier in one game set.

Final word

So there you have it – the Monopoly dog isn’t a generic dog, but it has a proper breed (and has done so since it was first introduced), and it has an official name of Scottie too.

So now you can become the type of Monopoly player to call it by its proper name too, if you didn’t already. And if the topic ever comes up while you’re playing, you can settle any arguments with the official Hasbro ruling on the name (and the spelling of that name) of everyone’s favorite Scottish Terrier.

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