15 Monopoly Quiz Questions and Answers (UK Version)

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A Monopoly round is a great addition to any quiz.

These Monopoly quiz questions and answers are all done for you, and you’re welcome to use them in any quiz that you like.

The questions are based on the UK version of Monopoly and the London Monopoly board.

However, if you’re more familiar with the US Monopoly game, I also have some US Monopoly quiz questions here.

Monopoly Quiz

With these Monopoly trivia questions and answers, I’ve also included an explanation with some fun facts, and a tie-break question.

Pencils and paper ready? Here we go with the Monopoly questions…

Q1. What colour are the houses and hotels in Monopoly?

A – In Classic Monopoly, the houses are green and the hotels are red.

In other versions of Monopoly, you may find different colours of buildings. For example, In Monopoly Here and Now Edition, the houses are blue and the hotels are silver.

You may award half a point for correctly saying that houses are green and half a point for knowing that hotels are red.

Monopoly houses and hotels

Q2. Which property is landed on most in Monopoly?

A – Trafalgar Square

The most frequently landed on property on the UK Monopoly board is Trafalgar Square. The most commonly landed on space is the Jail space and the most common number to roll is seven. As Trafalgar Square is positioned 14 spaces after Jail, it is landed on after 3.19% of all rolls.

There is also a Chance card that says ‘Advance to Trafalgar Square. The increases the overall chance of landing on this space.


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Q3. How much did Parker Brothers pay for Monopoly?

(multiple choice)

a) $50

b) $500

c) $5,000

d) $50,000

A – The correct answer is b) $500.

Parker Brothers bought the rights to the Monopoly game from inventor Elizabeth Magie in 1935 for $500. This would be equivalent to $9,300 in today’s money.


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Elizabeth Magie
Elizabeth Magie

Q4 – What is the most expensive property on the UK Monopoly board?

A – Mayfair

The most expensive property on the UK Monopoly board is Mayfair. It costs £400 to buy and the rent starts at £50. If you can place a hotel on Mayfair, you can claim rent of £2,000.

As well as being the most expensive street on the UK Monopoly board, Mayfair is also the most expensive location to live in London. You can read more about the Monopoly locations in real life here.

Mayfair card

Q5 – Is Monopoly American or British, originally?

A – The Monopoly game comes from America.

The Monopoly game was designed in America by an American woman named Elizabeth Magie in 1902 and was first patented in the USA in 1904 under the name The Landlord’s Game. The first Monopoly game with locations from London was produced in 1936.

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The Landlord's Game
The Landlord’s Game

Q6 – What is the Monopoly Man’s real name?

A – Rich Uncle Pennybags

The Monopoly Man’s real name is Rich Uncle Pennybags. He’s also known as Mr Monopoly and the Monopoly guy, but these are just nicknames for the popular Monopoly Mascot.

His first name is Milburn but this is very rarely known. If someone knows this, you may wish to award a bonus point.

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Rich Uncle Pennybags

Q7 – What does the Monopoly Man wear on his eyes?

a) dark sunglasses

b) round-framed reading glasses

c) a monocle

d) nothing

A – nothing

The Monopoly man does not have any type of eyewear. Many people mistakenly believe that he has a monocle, but this is incorrect.

The false belief that the Monopoly Man has a monocle is an example of the ‘Mandela Effect.’

You can read more on that here: Here’s why you think the Monopoly Man has a monocle.

Planter's peanut butter

Q8 – How many Community Chest cards are in a Monopoly set?

A – 16

The standard Monopoly game has 16 Community Chest cards and 16 Chance cards.

See a list of all Chance and Community Chest cards.

pick up community chest

Q9 – Which of these Monopoly pieces no longer exist in new games?

a) Top Hat

b) Boot

c) Battleship

d) Race Car

A – Boot

The boot token was retired from Monopoly in 2017 along with the thimble and the wheelbarrow. They were replaced by three new tokens – the T-Rex, the rubber duck and the penguin.

See all Monopoly tokens over the years.

Q10 – How many spaces are there on a classic London Monopoly board?

A – 40

A standard UK Monopoly board has 40 spaces. There are 22 coloured streets, 4 stations, 2 utilities, 3 Chance squares, 3 Community Chest squares, 2 tax squares, 1 Go, 1 Go to Jail, 1 Jail (incorporating Just Visiting), and 1 Free Parking space.

See a list of Monopoly spaces here.

London Monopoly board

Q11 – How much money do you receive from each player if it’s your birthday?

A – £10

The game of Monopoly features a Community Chest card with the message: “It’s your birthday. Collect £10 from every player.”

collect £10 on your birthday in Monopoly

Q12 – Which is most common in Monopoly?

a) Street

b) Road

c) Square

d) Lane

A – Street

There are eight streets in Monopoly – Bow Street, Marlborough Street, Vine Street, Fleet Street, Coventry Street, Regent Street, Oxford Street, and Bond Street.

There are four roads (Old Kent Road, Whitechapel Road, Euston Road, Pentonville Road), two squares (Trafalgar Square and Leicester Square) and only one lane (Park Lane).

Monopoly streets

A – The Scottie Dog

In 2017, Hasbro invited people from over 100 countries to vote on their favourite Monopoly token. The Scottie Dog token received the most votes, making it the most popular Monopoly playing piece.

Scottie Dog

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Q14 – On a UK Monopoly board, which square comes between Park Lane and Mayfair?

A – Super Tax

If you land on Super Tax you must pay £100 to the bank.

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Super Tax

Q15 – Which colour set on the Monopoly board is made up of well-known shopping streets in London?

A – The Green set

Regent Street, Oxford Street, and Bond Street are all popular places to go shopping in London.

Green set

Tie Breaker – How much Monopoly money is in a box?

Answer – £20,580

If two teams have equal points at the end, you can use the tie-breaker question to decide the winner. The team that answers closest to the correct answer is the winner.

Some other facts you could use as tie-breaker quiz questions:

  • There are 32 houses and 12 hotels in the box
  • There have been 19 different playing pieces used in Classic Monopoly over the years
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