25 Cute & Funny Monopoly Names for Your Baby or Pet

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If you’re looking for a name for your new baby, puppy, or kitten, then there’s a lot of inspiration to be had from the Monopoly board!

Some of the Monopoly street names can be adapted into unique baby names. And no, that doesn’t mean that you should call your newborn Boardwalk

I’ve studied Monopoly boards from The US, the UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada, and France to come up with these cool Monopoly-themed names.

If you’re a Monopoly fan, read on for the best Monopoly name ideas…

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The Best Monopoly Names From Around The World

1. Kent

Inspired by Old Kent Road on the UK Monopoly board, the name Kent is of British Celtic origin.

It’s also the name of Clark Kent, the alter-ego of the comic character, Superman.

Old Kent Road

2. Todd

In Australian Monopoly, Todd Street is the first property on the board. It’s also a cool name that means ‘fox’.

3. Smith

The second property on the Australian Monopoly board is Smith Street. This popular surname would also make a great first name for a boy.

4. Angel

This cute name comes from The Angel Islington on the UK Monopoly board. Angel is commonly used for girls in English-speaking countries, but in Spanish-speaking countries, it is a boy’s name.

Angel, Islington

5. Euston

The name Euston is an Irish boy’s name that means heart. Despite it being the name of one of the busiest train stations in London, on the Monopoly board, it’s not a station. Euston Road is one of the Light Blue properties in UK Monopoly.

6. Vermont

Vermont is a French boy’s name that means ‘green mountain’. Vermont Avenue is a Light Blue property on the US Monopoly board.

Vermont Avenue

7. Charles

St. Charles Place is a Pink property on the US Monopoly board. The real St. Charles Place no longer exists, but Charles is a popular boy’s name. The most famous Charles is probably Prince Charles. The name can be shortened to Charlie or Chuck.

8. Virginia

Virginia is a girl’s name of Latin origin which means ‘pure’. Virginia Avenue is a Pink property on the US Monopoly Board.

9. William

One of the most popular boys’ names in history, famous Williams include Prince William, William Shakespeare, and William the Conqueror. William Street is also a Pink property on the Australian Monopoly board.

10. Barrack

Barack Obama comes to mind with this name, although the slightly different spelling, Barrack Street is found on the Australian Monopoly board. It’s a Pink property named after a street in Perth.

11. Dawson

You may think of the TV show ‘Dawson’s Creek’ when you think of this name, but Dawson Street is one of the Pink properties on the Irish Monopoly board.

12. James

If you give your baby the popular name James, nobody would suspect that he is named after St. James Place, one of the Orange properties on the US Monopoly board.

St James Place

13. Bow

Often spelled as Beau for a boy or Bo for a girl, Bow is a unisex variant of this name which means ‘beautiful’. It’s also the name of Bow Street, an Orange property on the UK Monopoly board.

Bow Street

14. Victoria

Victoria is a girl’s name that means ‘victory’ and the female version of ‘Victor’. In Monopoly, Victoria Square is an Orange property in the Australian version of the game and Victoria Avenue is a Yellow property in the Canadian version from 2000.

15. Pearse

Also spelled as Piers (as in Piers Morgan) or Pierce (as in Pierce Brosnan), Pearse is a boy’s name of French origin. Pearse Street is one of the Orange properties on the Irish Monopoly board.

16. Indiana

Suitable for baby boys or girls, the name Indiana may sometimes be shortened to Indy or Indie. In US Monopoly, Indiana Avenue is a Red property.

Indiana Avenue

17. Stanley

This cute boy’s name would also be a great name for a dog. It comes from Stanley Street which is a Red property on the Australian Monopoly board.

18. Abbey

The name Abbey is commonly used for girls, but it can also be a unisex name. It’s sometimes short for Abigail. You’ll find Abbey Steet with the Red properties on the Irish Monopoly board.

19. Henry

This Monopoly-inspired name comes from the Irish Monopoly board where there is a Red property by the name of Henry Street.

On the French board, the same property is called Avenue Henri-Martin. Perhaps Martin would be a good middle name?

20. Marvin

A fun name for a dog, cat, or baby, you’ll find Marvin in Yellow on the US Monopoly board as Marvin Gardens.

Fun fact: The US Monopoly board is named after streets in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Marvin Gardens was actually a typo, as the actual street is called Marven Gardens.

21. Leicester

Leicester Square is one of the Yellow properties in UK Monopoly. Pronounced ‘Les-ter’, the name Leicester can be shortened to Les.

22. Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a regal girl’s name which could be inspired by Elizabeth Street – one of the Yellow properties on the Australian Monopoly board. This name can be shortened to Liz, Lizzie, or Beth.

Elizabeth is also the name of the woman who invented Monopoly – Elizabeth Magie.

23. Earl

North Earl Street is one of the Yellow properties on the Irish Monopoly board. You’ll probably recognize the name Earl from the US TV sitcom ‘My Name is Earl’.

24. Carolina

Carolina is used as a girl’s name in many countries including Spain, Italy, Portugal, Poland, and Germany. Variants include Caroline, Carolyn, and Carole. North Caroline Avenue is a Green Property in Monopoly in the United States.

North Carolina Avenue

25. George

George is a great unisex baby name that would also work great for most pets. You’ll find George Street with the Green properties on the Australian Monopoly board as it is also a street in Sydney’s Central Business District.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re expecting a baby or need a name for your new pet, I hope that you’ve found some ideas from this list of Monopoly-themed baby names.

Rather than being unusual names, many of these Monopoly names are actually quite common. So strangers wouldn’t ever know that you named your kid after a Monopoly board!

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