The Best Luxury Monopoly Sets in the UK

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Monopoly is a game that every household should own. So why settle for the standard cardboard box version?

If classic Monopoly is your thing, then a luxury Monopoly game can be a great investment.

In this guide, I’ve tracked down the best luxury Monopoly sets to buy in the UK.

Not only does a luxury Monopoly set look and feel so much nicer than a cheap one, but it can be the perfect family heirloom to pass down from generation to generation.

1. Monopoly Onyx Edition

Monopoly Onyx Edition is a luxury edition of Monopoly with an onyx-tines wooden base and a silver foil board. The tokens are black-finished metal, the dice are black with silver spots while the houses and hotels are made of translucent acrylic.

This game comes with a silver-finished bankers tray and a rotating carousel for the Title Deed cards as well as drawstring bags for the other bits and pieces.

Onyx Monopoly was released in 2006 so you won’t find it in shops. However, if you can get a second-hand game in mint condition then be sure to snap it up as these limited edition sets are sure to increase in value over time.

2. Monopoly Vintage Bookshelf Edition

Most of the luxury board games are pretty cumbersome as they’re usually made with non-folding wooden boards. However, if you’re short on space and want something that looks good on display, then the Vintage Bookshelf Edition of Monopoly is perfect.

This premium Monopoly set looks just like a book when it’s on your bookshelf. Then when you open it, you’ll find a full-size Monopoly board cleverly folded away inside.

3. Monopoly Nostalgia Wooden Edition

I love the vintage look and feel of this antique-style wooden Monopoly set. Everything about it, from the wooden box to the original style Chance and Community Chest cards to the original fonts on the fancy Monopoly board hark back to a bygone era.

The board folds neatly to fit inside the square box so no space is wasted, while the money can be positioned neatly inside for easy access to each denomination.

This is one of the few luxury Monopoly games that uses UK Monopoly street names, so you’ll be aiming for Mayfair rather than Boardwalk with this one.

4. Monopoly Luxe Maple Edition

Monopoly Luxe Maple Edition is one of the most beautiful luxury Monopoly boards. It’s lovingly carved from solid maple with a wood-framed rolling area and a storage drawer beneath. This set is so stunning, you’ll never want to put it away, and nor should you.

Sadly, this luxury set can be tricky to get hold of in the UK. There are plenty of them in the US though. If you’re willing to pay for the postage to have one shipped over, it’s sure to provide a treasured centrepiece.

5. Monopoly Luxury Edition

Another luxury Monopoly board to consider is the Monopoly Luxury Edition UK. However, you’ll probably need to get this one shipped over from America instead, as the UK version is very hard to find.

This set has a two-tone wooden cabinet with a faux-leather gold-stamped rolling area that’s reminiscent of a classic cruise ship. It’s not to everyone’s taste and some have complained that the workmanship isn’t perfect, but it might be the right luxury treat for someone.

6. Monopoly Heirloom Edition

The final luxury Monopoly set to consider is Monopoly Heirloom Edition. Again, you’re unlikely to find these in the UK, but if you can find a board in good condition elsewhere, then it may be worth having it shipped over.

This wooden Monopoly board is made of stained walnut and has a storage drawer with a built-in banker’s try. The houses are carved out of solid maple and the hotels are carved from solid walnut.

This is a pricey Monopoly set, but one which, as the name suggests, is designed to be a family heirloom.

My recommendation

Out of all of the luxury Monopoly sets you can buy in the UK, I’d most like to see the vintage bookshelf edition on my bookcase. However, if you’re not short on space prefer your Monopoly set to be on display and set up ready to play at all times, then one of the solid wooden boards may be better.

You can actually buy several different vintage bookshelf games including Boggle, Scrabble, Chess, CatchPhrase, CandyLand, Sorry, Chutes and Ladders and Clue! What an amazing gift these would make.

However, one important thing to consider when buying a Monopoly board in the UK is whether you’re getting a US-version or the UK-version with London streets. Most luxury versions of Monopoly use US-style property names that are based on Atlantic City.

If the UK squares are important to you, then go for the Nostalgia Wooden Edition, as this is one of the few wooden Monopoly games to use UK properties.

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Jenni Fielding

Jenni Fielding is the founder of Monopoly Land - an unofficial fan site. She has been a huge fan of Monopoly and has been playing the game for over 30 years. She is a stickler for the rules and loves to find vintage Monopoly sets in second-hand shops.