How Much Money Comes In A Monopoly Game?

monopoly money

If, like me, you feel like a real Ms or Mr. Moneybags being surrounded by all those colorful banknotes whenever you play Monopoly, you might have wondered what the total cash value of the bills in Monopoly actually is. Or …

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Are Old Monopoly Games Worth Anything?

cash transaction

Many people have old versions of Monopoly in their homes and, like anything that’s a bit old, it’s common to wonder if old Monopoly games are worth anything.  The short answer is that the game might be worth something but …

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How Old Is My Monopoly Game? How To Tell

monopoly board

A lot of people have old versions of Monopoly at the back of their cupboards. It’s the sort of game that people keep hold of rather than selling it on or donating it. So, if you have an old copy …

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13 Awesome Games That Are Like Monopoly

Games like Monopoly

Monopoly is widely considered to be one of the best classic board games. However, you can have too much of a good thing! If you want to branch out and try something new, but don’t want to leave your Monopoly …

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Harry Potter Monopoly – Does It Actually Exist?

Over recent years, the range of Monopoly games has expanded dramatically to include loads of officially franchised versions tied to popular films and TV shows. There is everything from Star Wars to The Walking Dead, and James Bond to Pokemon.  …

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Monopoly Avenues List

Monopoly avenues

There are 22 colored properties on a classic Monopoly board as well as four railroads, two utilities, and some action spaces. According to Monopoly manufacturer Hasbro, the correct name for the colored squares is ‘Streets’. But, on Monopoly boards in …

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Monopoly Rivals Edition Rules

Monopoly Rivals Edition is a two-player version of Monopoly. But, while the game board is very similar (albeit smaller) to a classic Monopoly board, the rules of Monopoly Rivals are actually pretty different. As with many Monopoly editions, the rules …

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How Many Dice Do You Use In Monopoly?

Monopoly without dice just wouldn’t be Monopoly. How would you ever pass Go or land on Free Parking without a dice?  So, of course, you need dice to play Monopoly. But, do you know how many dice you use in …

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The 15 Best Disney Monopoly Games

Take Monopoly, add a bit of Disney and surely you have a perfect board game recipe? I think so. And I must not be the only one as there are now plenty of Disney Monopoly games that you can buy. …

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