41 Best & Worst Monopoly Tattoo Ideas

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Whether you love the game or live to hustle, getting a Monopoly tattoo can be a great idea. While the majority of Monopoly-themed tattoos feature Mr. Monopoly, you could instead opt for your favorite token or maybe even your favorite space on the board.

Most Monopoly tattoos represent either luck or skill. Some have a gambling theme featuring playing cards, poker chips, or a roulette wheel. Others have slogans like ‘All Hustle’ and show the Monopoly guy with guns, drugs, and rolled-up wads of cash.

I’ve collected images of the best Monopoly tattoos on the internet, as well as some of the worst! So read on for tattoo inspiration…

What does the Monopoly Man tattoo mean?

A Monopoly Man tattoo symbolizes wealth and success. The Monopoly guy is a happy and rich old man who loves to make money. So a Mr Monopoly tattoo would suit someone with the same values.

Full Back Monopoly Man Tattoo

This awe-inspiring Monopoly Man tattoo is absolutely huge. There’s a lot of black ink involved there – someone’s obviously spent a lot of time in the studio to create this masterpiece!

Monopoly Themed Sleeve

This full Monopoly sleeve has everything you could want with tokens, dice, houses and hotels, cash, and, of course, Mr. Monopoly. It’s all done really well in bright colors.

Monopoly Man in Circle

This Monopoly Man tattoo is contained within a circle to keep it nice and neat. This round design would look good on the bicep or upper thigh.

Monopoly Man With Gun

It seems that Mr. Monopoly hustles hard for his cash according to this tattoo of the Monopoly guy holding a gun. The white ink adds a nice element of realism here.

Black and White Monopoly Money

This fun Monopoly money tattoo has so much detail! The artist has done a great job and the white ink outlines it beautifully.

Monopoly Man in Adidas Tracksuit

The Monopoly Man looks cooler than ever in this tattoo. Alongside his iconic top hat he also has a tracksuit, trainers, gold chain, and dollar sign hand tattoo.

Monopoly Tokens on Fingers

This tattoo of the Monopoly tokens is pretty cool but not exactly timeless. Annoyingly, Hasbro keeps changing the tokens every few years, and the thimble, wheelbarrow, and boot were retired in 2017. The new pieces wouldn’t look quite as cool, though so I think he made a wise decision to go with these.

Go To Jail

This person chose the Go To Jail Space for their Monopoly Tattoo. An interesting idea, don’t you think? Would you have this?

Paper Chaser Neck Tattoo

Few Monopoly tattoos look more badass than this neck tattoo with the words Paper Chaser above and below the Monopoly Man.

Monopoly Board Tattoo

This person went for the whole board with their Monopoly tattoo! If you had tokens small enough you might even be able to use this one for a game. Now there’s an idea.

Colorful Monopoly Guy Graffiti Artist

Could this colored Monopoly Man tattoo be a nod to artist Alec Monopoly? I wonder what else this 90s style piece could represent.

Black and White Gambling-Themed Sleeve

The white ink is done really well on this gambling-themed sleeve that has not one buy two Monopoly guys as well as a roulette wheel, cards, dice, and an angel with a sack of money.

Rich Uncle Pennybags And Jake The Jailbird

Not content with a Rich Uncle Pennybags tattoo on his neck, this guy also went for Jake the Jailbird on the other side!

Colorful Mr Monopoly With Roulette Wheel

A lot of Mr. Monopoly tattoos are gambling themed and this colorful black, red, and green piece of artwork on the upper arm is no exception.

Monopoly Man In Car

What do you think of this colorful Monopoly Man tattoo? In this one, he’s climbed into his car and is speeding away leaving a trail of flames and money. Cool, huh?

Self Made

This black and gray Monopoly Man tattoo is so well done. It features Mr. Monopoly with clown makeup and the words Self Made on his top hat.

Monopoly Lego Mash Up

There’s no Lego version of Monopoly in real life. But there should be! I mean, how cool is this Monopoly Lego man tattoo?

No Gods No Masters

If you like gruesome Halloween-style tattoos then take inspiration from this full-color Monopoly Man with missing eye and the text ‘No Gods, No Masters’ behind.

Monopoly Man With AK-47

Added details in this back-of-hand tattoo of the Monopoly Man include a Kalashnikov rifle, cigar, and dark shades. Pretty cool.

Luxury Tax Ring

Sometimes, the subtle Monopoly tattoos are the best. I’m a bit in love with this Luxury Tax ring symbol that’s in a great location on the inner ankle. Gorgeous!

Community Chest Cards

The orange Community Chest cards are sure to catch some attention in this bright tattoo that includes the Monopoly logo and the corner of the board.

Monopoly Man On The Cross

In this gambling-themed tattoo, Mr. Monopoly is nailed to the cross surrounded by his money. I love the detailing on this large upper arm piece.

Monopoly Tokens

Do you have a few annoying gaps around your existing tattoos? Perhaps you could use some Monopoly tokens to fill those awkward spaces? This guy has chosen an interesting collection of tokens including the cannon which was retired in 1946.

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Mr Monopoly With Go Space

This colored Monopoly tattoo idea includes Mr. Monopoly and a corner of the board featuring the Go space, Mediterranean Avenue, and Boardwalk.

Mr. Monopoly With Knuckle Tattoos

Rich Uncle Pennybags looks a little different in this tattoo, but it’s still obvious who he is. I love that the Monopoly Man also has tattoos on his own knuckles in this carefully-planned design.

Fast Money

This black and white Monopoly-themed tattoo has the test ‘Fast Money’ along with the Monopoly Man, the Go space, a money chest and piles of cash.

Monopoly Man With Safe

This cool tattoo depicts the Monopoly guy with a safe full of cash bags, coins, and gold bars. If you look closely, you’ll see that he also has the Bitcoin symbol on his hand.

Monopoly Man With Rolex

The Monopoly Man looks a little meaner than usual in this large forearm tattoo. He’s also wearing a Rolex on his right wrist. Perhaps Mr. Monopoly is left-handed?

Hustle Over Luck

There’s a lot of extra details with this black and white Monopoly Guy tattoo. Are those tiger stripes on his face? He also has a teardrop tattoo and a triangular three-dot tattoo which are a gangster symbols.

Old Kent Road and Mayfair

The cheapest and most expensive properties, Old Kent Road and Mayfair are the UK equivalent of Mediterranean Avenue and Boardwalk.

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Monopoly Man Escaping From Cage

I’m very intrigued to know the meaning behind this tattoo which shows a winged and hatless Monopoly Man flying out of a birdcage. Interesting.

Monopoly Money on Fire

This interesting leg tattoo has burning Monopoly cash. I’m not sure what the meaning behind this one is, but it’s pretty cool.

Huge Thimble

Do you have a favorite Monopoly token? This person sure does! Or perhaps they just really like sewing. Who knows.

Monopoly Man Leg Tattoo

This lower leg tattoo shows the Monopoly Man with a bank, a bag of cash, and a dollar symbol. Perhaps this was an addition to an existing dollar symbol ankle tattoo?

Second Prize In a Beauty Contest

This tattoo shows Mr. Monopoly with a bunch of flowers and a sash winning second prize in a beauty contest. I wonder how many prizes the artist has won?

Monopoly Train Token

Do you have a favorite Monopoly token? This person obviously does. Although the train token isn’t featured in most Monopoly sets, you can get it in Canadian Monopoly games and also in the Deluxe Edition.

Take A Chance

This simple black ink Monopoly Man design has the words ‘Take A Chance’. Sometimes the simple designs work really well, don’t you think?

Monopoly Man Carrying His Head

This is an unusual one, that’s for sure. The black mustache is the least of our worries when trying to work out what’s going on with this weird Monopoly tattoo.

Monopoly Man With Monocle Tattoo

Did nobody tell this guy that the Monopoly Man has no monocle? Well, he doesn’t usually carry guns either, so I don’t suppose it actually matters. The cool thing about a Monopoly Man tattoo is that he can have whatever accessories you feel like!

Monopoly Man Finger Tattoo

This person managed to fit a tattoo of the Monopoly man onto their finger! And they still had space to give him dollar signs for eyes.

Stick and Poke Mr. Monopoly

The guy who did this describes himself as a ‘self-taught amateur tattoo artist’. No kidding! I hope that’s his own skin he did that on.

Final word

Have you been inspired with some tattoo Monopoly ideas? Thinking about getting your own Monopoly tattoo? Perhaps an Alec Monopoly tattoo design, similar to his artworks?

If you like the idea of representing your love for Monopoly but a Monopoly tattoo sleeve feels a bit too permanent, why not try a Monopoly costume instead?

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