How Much Money Comes In A Monopoly Game?

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If, like me, you feel like a real Ms or Mr. Moneybags being surrounded by all those colorful banknotes whenever you play Monopoly, you might have wondered what the total cash value of the bills in Monopoly actually is.

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Or maybe you want to make sure there are enough bills in your set to play Monopoly as it is intended to be played? Let’s investigate together and definitively answer the question “How much money comes in a Monopoly game?”

How much money is in Monopoly?

There is $20,580 in a standard Monopoly set, broken down as:

  • 30 x $500 bills (orange)
  • 30 x$100 bills (beige)
  • 30 x $50 bills (blue)
  • 30 x $20 bills (green)
  • 30 x $10 bills (yellow)
  • 40 x $5 bills (pink)
  • 30 x $1 bills (white)

How much money comes with Monopoly?

According to information supplied by Hasbro themselves, each Monopoly game released since 2008 should come with $20,580 worth of Monopoly bank notes. This comes in bills with denominations from $500 down to single dollar bills ($1), with $100 bills, $50 bills $10 bills, and $5 bills in between.

Which Bank Notes Come With A Monopoly Set?

According to Hasbro (and they should know!) The bills that are included with current Monopoly sets are:

  • 30 x $500 bills (orange)
  • 30 x$100 bills (beige)
  • 30 x $50 bills (blue)
  • 30 x $20 bills (green)
  • 30 x $10 bills (yellow)
  • 40 x $5 bills (pink)
  • 30 x $1 bills (white)
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How Much Money Came With Monopoly Sets Released Before 2008?

According to Quora, which is crowd-sourced, but usually pretty accurate, Monopoly sets issued before 2008 came with just $15,140, as opposed to the $20,580 in current sets. I guess inflation even affects Monopoly money!

How Much Money Does Each Player Start with in a Game of Monopoly?

Each player starts a game of Monopoly with $1500. This starting amount is the same whether you’re playing with a Monopoly set released pre-2008 or post-2008. However, you may receive the bills in different denominations depending on whether your set is from before or after 2008.

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What to do if your Monopoly set doesn’t have enough money

If you’re a stickler for the official rules, you’ll be pleased to know that Hasbro says it’s acceptable to make more Monopoly money. This means that should your banknotes go AWOL, you can always make or buy more, and here’s how…

Unlike in real life, getting hold of more money for your Monopoly game is easy. Here’s how to get yourself more Monopoly money…

Printing your own counterfeit money for real might be a federal crime, but there aren’t any laws against printing your own Monopoly money! I’ll even show you how to do it here.

But what if you don’t have a printer or you’d prefer to play with the real deal? Can you buy Monopoly money? Indeed you can! You can easily buy more Monopoly money from Amazon.

Can you play with real money?

Unbelievably, a limited edition Monopoly set launched in France in 2015 came with varying amounts of real money in Euros, in place of the traditional Monopoly money bills.

In one of the sets, the whole bank was made up of real bills totalling $20,580 euros. I wish I’d got my hands on one of those!

69 of the prize sets included five 10-euro notes and five 20-euro notes, while another 10 included five real 20-euro notes, two 50-euro notes and one 100-euro note!

Some people (such as millionaire actor John Travolta) even invest their own real cash to play Monopoly with! You can read more about how to do this here.

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The Bottom Line

The short, simple answer to the question “how much money is in a Monopoly game?” is $20,580. And if you want to know how many bills in Monopoly games, that’s easy too – there are 220.

This money is in bills of varying denominations from $500 at the top end down to $1, and should you have any missing Monopoly bills, there are easy ways to get more Monopoly money by buying it or printing it!

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