Monopoly Super Tax Explained

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We all love Monopoly and most of us have played it hundreds of times. But, there are probably a few things on the board that you take for granted and you don’t think about what they are or why they are there. You just play the game, right? 

Monopoly Super Tax

Well, if you ever wanted to know a bit more about one of the most loathed squares on the Monopoly board, keep reading and I will tell you all you ever need to know about the ‘Super Tax’ space. 

Super Tax Monopoly quick guide

  • Only included in the UK version of Monopoly – in the US it is Luxury Tax
  • On the final stretch of the board between the Dark Blue properties
  • You must pay £100 if you land on it
  • Lower of the two Monopoly taxes – Income Tax is twice as expensive

What Is Super Tax In Monopoly?

Super Tax is a space in the UK version of Monopoly. If a player lands on this square they must pay a £100 tax to the bank. In the USA there is no Super Tax, instead, there is a Luxury Tax which is on the equivalent space on the board. 

Super Tax is one of two different taxes in the game of Monopoly. The other type of tax is Income Tax. This is an even worse space to land on as you will be made to cough up £200 if you land on there. But Super Tax is certainly not a super Monopoly space to land on anyway.

Interestingly, in the American version, Luxury Tax was only $75 until a 2008 redesign of the game increased the tax to $100 to match the financial impact of the UK version.  

Where Is Super Tax On A Monopoly Board?

The Super Tax space is found between Mayfair and Park Lane on a Monopoly board. These are the two most expensive properties on the board. These spaces are found just before the end of the circuit as a player approaches the Go space.

This positioning gives the player the chance to quickly get their money back as they will almost certainly pass Go on their next throw and receive £200 from the bank.

Super Tax on Monopoly Board

How Much Is Super Tax?

The Super Tax in Monopoly is £100. If a player lands on this space they must immediately pay the sum of £100 to the Bank. This is only half as bad as if you landed on the Income Tax space which costs £200.

Taxes are important in the game of Monopoly since the game only ends when players go bankrupt. Taxes, fines and rent payments are the main ways that a player will lose money during a game of Monopoly. 

Where Does Super Tax Money Go?

If you land on the Super Tax space you must pay £100 to the Bank. This is the same with Income Tax or any other fines that a player is asked to pay. One player should act as the banker and must make sure that taxes and fines are paid.

Some people play with their own Monopoly House Rules which may include putting all fines into the middle to be won if you land on Free Parking.

This is such a commonly used house rule that many people are surprised that it is not in the official rules. But I promise you that it is not!

In fact, it is best not to use this rule as it just drags out the game. To make sure you get the best out of your Monopoly games it is worth making sure that you are familiar with all these little known Monopoly rules

What Happens When You Can’t Pay Super Tax?

If a player is unable to pay the Super Tax in a game of Monopoly, they must declare themselves bankrupt and they are out of the game. Before reaching this point a player should sell any assets they have to try and raise the amount needed. 

If you’re unlucky enough to land on the Super Tax space, you should first try to pay the £100 owed with any cash you have on hand. If you do not have enough cash it may still be possible for you to pay the tax. 

You can get money by mortgaging your properties and selling any buildings or Get Out of Jail Free cards that you have.

If you still don’t have enough cash, unfortunately, you are bankrupt and out of the game. You must hand over all the assets that you have to the bank, as per the Monopoly bankruptcy rules.

To Conclude

Nobody likes taxes. Not in real life and not in Monopoly. But, if I was to pick a favourite tax it would be the Super Tax.

Whilst it is hard to say that any tax is ever really super, the Super Tax is only £100, which is only half as much as the Income Tax space. This means it at least qualifies as the ‘not quite so bad tax’.

And, as it is only Monopoly money it is not worth losing any sleep over!

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