McDonalds Monopoly Chance Cards (Australia 2024)

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Maccas Monopoly Australia 2023 featured Chance Cards – when you peeled stickers from the food, you might’ve got an instant win, a property, or it could’ve been one of these Chance Cards.

Maccas Monopoly Chance Card

What are they, and were they related to the Second Chance Draw? Let me explain.

What Are Chance Cards in Maccas Monopoly?

Chance Cards are stickers in the Maccas Monopoly Australia game that you need to scan in the MyMaccas app. Once scanned, they give you a 1-in-4 chance of winning either a property or an instant win, once you’ve played a game.

Chance Cards don’t feature in many of the global versions of McDonalds Monopoly, but in Australia they’re a fun way of getting you to scan your stickers and use the app.

Once you scan the code, you’ll be invited to play one of three different games in the MyMaccas app. Once the game is complete, you’ll have the chance of being awarded either a property (which may be one you already own), or an instant win prize from the existing list of prizes.

MyMaccas Monopoly App

It’s important to note that your performance in the games doesn’t have an impact on whether you’ll be given a prize or not. It’s not a case of having to beat the game to win – it’s completely random.

So there’s no pressure. The games are just a bit of fun to get you engaged in the app.

What is the McDonalds Monopoly Australia Second Chance Draw?

The Second Chance Draw is completely separate from Chance Cards. Instead, it’s a prize draw carried out once the Maccas Monopoly promotion has ended, to give away any unclaimed prizes.

It doesn’t give away all the small prizes – just the ones that are worth over $100. You won’t be winning a $10 voucher if you’re lucky enough to win something in the draw!

The draw took place at 3pm on 7th December 2023, and winners will be notified that they’ve won via their email address. If prizes are still then unclaimed, there’s another draw to be held on 7th March 2024.

How do you Enter the Maccas Monopoly Second Chance Draw?

Whenever you scan a code from a peel sticker in Maccas Monopoly on the app, you’ll be given the option of claiming the play or taking an entry in the Second Chance Draw instead.

That way, if you keep drawing the same property, it doesn’t become worthless. You can instead register an entry in the Second Chance Draw, with the hope that you might win one of the unclaimed prizes.

There are no limits to the number of entries you can have in the Second Chance Draw, so make sure you keep scanning the play codes.

The Bottom Line

Chance Cards are a fun addition to Maccas Monopoly but they’re just another way of potentially awarding you an instant win or a property. Scan the code and have some fun playing the game, and then cross your fingers you get a win!

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