McDonalds Monopoly Board (Ireland 2024)

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McDonalds Monopoly is already over in Ireland for 2023, but if you wanted to play then you probably wanted to know how you get your hands on a McDonalds Monopoly game board to keep track of the properties you own.

McDonalds Monopoly Ireland Screens

But there isn’t actually a physical board you can own. And you don’t collect the stickers from the food either.

Let me explain.

How to Get a McDonalds Monopoly Board

The only way to get a McDonalds Monopoly game board is to download the McDonalds app. The game board is digital, and whenever you scan a code from your food items, if you reveal a property then it will added to your board automatically.

To view the game board, you just need to open the McDonalds app and tap on the Monopoly section. From there, you can see the board with the properties that you own highlighted. You can then see a more detailed version by prize by hitting the ‘My Properties’ button at the bottom of the screen.

McDonalds Monopoly Restaurant Signs

This will let you scroll through the prizes, and show you which properties you own towards it. The ones you’re missing will be greyed out.

Can you get a Printable McDonalds Monopoly Game Board?

You can’t get a printed version of the McDonalds Monopoly board, and there’s not a version you can download to print yourself at home.

You used to be able to pick up a game board in McDonalds stores, either as a fold-out leaflet or as a tray insert. But they stopped offering these a couple of years ago, and since 2022 the game has been 100% digital.

The stickers aren’t even stickers anymore; they’re just tokens you peel from the food items.

You could, in theory, make your own Monopoly McDonalds board if you really wanted one, to help you keep track of what you’ve collected. But don’t stick the pieces to it! You need them to claim any bigger prizes and you might get rejected if they’re damaged.

You can use my free printable Monopoly board template if you do want to make your own.

Is the McDonalds Monopoly Board Game Downloadable?

You can’t download the McDonalds Monopoly game board to use offline, but you do need to download the McDonalds app if you want to play. You’ll need a working internet connection to check your game board and your progress towards winning any prizes.

With the vast majority of the population now owning a smart device of some sort (either a phone or tablet), the McDonalds Monopoly game board is completely digital and online. There’s no offline board to use.

For the McDonalds Monopoly game in Ireland, the app is a must-have. It’s the only way to find out if you’ve won a prize, so you’ll need to download it anyway – so you may as well use the digital board.

Final Word

The days of getting a physical McDonalds Monopoly game board, and actually sticking the stickers onto it, are long gone. But you can get the game board on the app so you always know how close you are to winning the prizes.

While the game may be over for 2023, I’m very confident that 2024 McDonalds Monopoly will be just as popular – so why not get a head start and make your own board now?

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