When Does Maccas Monopoly End? (Australia 2024)

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Maccas Monopoly came back for 2023 with some amazing prizes. But in order to win the best prizes, you probably needed to enjoy some tasty McDonalds food a few times, so you’ve more chance of finding the rarest pieces.

Maccas Monopoly Restaurant

So, how long did you have until the game ends? And when did you need to claim prizes by? Let’s take a look.

When Does Maccas Monopoly End?

Maccas Monopoly Australia ended on the 24th October 2023 at 11:59pm. This was the end of the purchase period, where you were no longer be able to buy any more Maccas food with peel stickers attached.

How Long Do You Have to Claim Prizes?

The promotional period – when you can claim your Maccas Monopoly prizes – ended on 29th October 2023 at 11:59pm. Prizes must be claimed before this date otherwise, they will enter into the Second Chance Draw held in December.

There’s a difference between claiming a prize and then using it, though. Some prizes have extended dates for you to use them by – but as long as you’ve claimed the prize by this date, you’ll be told when you’re able to use the prize until.

MyMaccas App Prize Total

Most of the vouchers give you a few months – you aren’t expected to make snap decisions! And you’ll have time to book the cruise, or use the gift vouchers you’re given if you’re lucky enough to win those.

How Long is Maccas Monopoly On For?

Maccas Monopoly runs for 48 days in total. In 2023 it started on 6th September 2023, and it ended on 24th October 2023, almost 7 weeks later. Prizes could be claimed for a further 5 days after this date.

This means that Maccas Monopoly Australia is one of the longest-running McDonalds & Monopoly tie-in promotions in the world. In the UK and Ireland, the promotion runs for one fewer week.

When Will Maccas Monopoly Start Again?

Maccas Monopoly will likely return again in September 2024 – the promotion consistently runs from September to October each year.

Maccas Monopoly is always one of the most successful promotions run by the company, so you can expect it to keep coming back every year.

The Bottom Line

If you wanted to play Maccas Monopoly in 2023 then I’m afraid you’ve missed it! It ended on 24th October, but will be back in September 2024 if you want to play again.

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