How Do You Win Monopoly In 21 Seconds?

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Are you tired of endlessly playing Monopoly for hours on end, with no end in sight? What if I told you that it’s possible to win the game in just 21 seconds?

While it might seem like an impossible feat, there are certain circumstances that could lead to a lightning-fast victory.

Win Monopoly In 21 Seconds

In this blog post, we’ll explore the hypothetical scenario that could make a 21-second Monopoly win a reality.

So grab your Monopoly board and get ready to learn how to become a Monopoly champion in record time!

How To Win Monopoly in 21 Seconds

Player One: Rolls double-6, landing on Electric Company. They let the other player buy it at auction quickly and cheaply.

Player One: Rolls another double-6 and lands on Illinois Avenue. They let the other player buy it at auction (quickly).

Player One: Roll a 9, lands on Community Chest, and get the Bank Error card to collect $200. Pass the dice.

Community Chest

Player Two: Rolls a double-2, lands on Income Tax and pays $200.

Player Two: Rolls an 11, lands on Pennsylvania Railroad and buys it.

Player One: Rolls double-2, buys Park Place.

Player One: Rolls double-1 and buys Boardwalk.

Player One: Rolls again with any roll that doesn’t land on Income Tax or Chance and collects $200 from the bank for passing Go. Before their turn ends, they buy two houses on Park Place, and three on Boardwalk.

houses and hotels in monopoly

Player Two: Rolls a 7 and lands on Chance. They draw the “Advance to Boardwalk” card. They can’t afford the rent and go bankrupt.

Game over!

So long as you’re not dilly-dallying, the whole game could be completed in 21 seconds, making it the fastest Monopoly game ever!

However, this scenario is incredibly unlikely to occur, and Monopoly games typically last up to an hour, and much longer if you’re playing it wrong!

The exact odds of this exact sequence happening by chance are 1 in every 253,899,891,671,040 games.

To ‘guarantee’ seeing this game you would potentially have to play for 70 billion hours, or 8,051,112 years. No so fat any more, is it?

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