What Does Just Visiting Mean In Monopoly?

Just Visiting

‘Just Visiting’ is probably one of the most well-known spaces on the  Monopoly board, no matter what edition of the game you’re playing.  But what does ‘Just Visiting’ actually mean in Monopoly? And what impact can it have on your …

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What Happens If You Roll Snake Eyes In Monopoly?

snake eyes

If you’ve ever played dice, you’ll know that rolling snake eyes (or double one) isn’t the outcome that you’re looking for. But, what happens if you roll snake eyes in Monopoly? Is it good, bad, or indifferent? Let’s take a …

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Can You Collect Rent in Jail in Monopoly?

collect rent in jail in monopoly

Nobody wants to be sent to jail in Monopoly as it’s much more fun to keep going around the board buying up new properties.  But is it actually so bad in jail? Can you still participate in the game and …

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How Many Dice Do You Use In Monopoly?

Monopoly without dice just wouldn’t be Monopoly. How would you ever pass Go or land on Free Parking without a dice?  So, of course, you need dice to play Monopoly. But, do you know how many dice you use in …

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What Happens If You Land On Go In Monopoly?

Everyone has heard about passing Go in Monopoly, but what about landing on Go in Monopoly…what happens then? Is it any different from passing Go? Should you be trying to land on Go, or doesn’t it matter?  Keep reading to …

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Monopoly’s Passing Go Rules Explained

‘Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200’. Even if you have never played Monopoly, these words will be familiar to you. Of all the iconic imagery and phrases that have been born from the game of Monopoly, the famous …

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Get Out Of Jail Free Cards: How They Work

Get out of jail free cards

The Get Out of Jail Free card has to be one of the most famous aspects of Monopoly and the term has even crossed into general use outside of the game. But, if you’re wondering what the card actually does …

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Monopoly Luxury Tax Rules Explained

Monopoly Luxury Tax

The game of Monopoly has a whole load of different rules that might not be that obvious to the casual or first-time player. One of these is the Luxury Tax. If you’ve ever played Monopoly and wondered what the Luxury …

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Monopoly Street Repairs Rule Explained

Chance and Community Chest Cards are one of the best parts of the game of Monopoly and I love how they throw a bit of jeopardy into proceedings. Some are good, some are bad, but I think we can all …

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Monopoly Hotel Rules Explained

a hand holding monopoly hotels

Monopoly is famous as the game where you buy and sell properties and put tiny little red hotels on them. But, the Monopoly hotel rules can be confusing. And as for the best hotel strategy to win, this is something …

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