What Happens If You Land On Go In Monopoly?

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Everyone has heard about passing Go in Monopoly, but what about landing on Go in Monopoly…what happens then? Is it any different from passing Go? Should you be trying to land on Go, or doesn’t it matter? 

Keep reading to find out what the official rules say about landing on Go and for some other ideas for how you can mix it up a bit.

Landing on Go in Monopoly

Monopoly landing on Go rules:

  • Landing on Go is the same as passing Go in Monopoly
  • This means you collect $200 when you land on the space
  • You don’t collect another $200 on your next turn when you ‘pass’ Go
  • The rule of collecting double pay – $400 – is a house rule only. It is not an official rule.

What Happens When You Land On Go In Monopoly?

When you land on Go in Monopoly you collect $200 from the bank. This is your salary and you earn it every time that your token lands on the Go square. You also collect $200 if you pass Go without landing exactly on it.

You collect the $200 salary every time that you complete a lap of the board. Chances are that most of the time you will pass Go rather than land on it, but the outcome is the same, and either way you collect your salary of 200 dollars.

This money can be used towards the purchase of properties and buildings or used to pay fines and rents. 

Do You Get $400 For Landing On Go?

According to the official rules of Monopoly, you collect $200 for landing on Go. This is the same salary that you get every time you pass Go, you don’t earn double money for landing on the Go space itself. 

Some people like to play their own variations of the rules (or haven’t actually read the rules!), so you may have played a game where you were given $400 for landing on Go, but this isn’t in the official rulebook. 

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$400 for landing on Go

Some people think that they get $200 for landing on Go and another $200 for passing Go. Whether they are just trying it on or think that is the rule is not always clear but if you’re playing it by the book you should only ever get $200 per lap and it doesn’t matter whether you land on or pass Go. 

The only exception to this is if you’re playing the Monopoly Plus video game where you do have an option to collect $400, as long as you specify that in the settings before you start.

If You Land on Go Can You Move To Any Space On The Board?

If you land on Go in the Monopoly board game you stay where you are until your next turn. There is no option to move to any other space on the board, just stay where you are and wait for your next turn when you will continue from the Go square.

However, if you’re playing the Monopoly Plus video game, you do have the option to take $400 or move to any space on the board.

This is quite an interesting addition and adds a certain tactical element, do you take the money or do you go and buy the property that will complete a set to allow you to start building houses. It is a tough choice!

This rule has never been included in the Monopoly board game, but it could provide some inspiration if you like to include your own house rules when you play Monopoly. 

There is no reason why you can’t add your own rules to the game to try and make it a bit more interesting. If you’re anything like me, you will have played Monopoly hundreds of times, so why not try something a little different?

As with any house rule, you should make sure that every player agrees on plans to include the rule before you start the game.

What If You Land On Go with A Third Double?

If you land on Go with a third double you go straight to jail. Actually, if you land on any square on the board with a third double, you go to jail! You should go to jail immediately before you move your piece to the Go space.

Everyone thinks that rolling a double in Monopoly is a good thing (it is, you get to have another go). But sometimes, you can have too much of a good thing. 

The Monopoly rule makers must think being so lucky needs to be punished so if you roll three doubles in a row you must go straight to jail. This could mean that you don’t collect your salary for landing on Go, but I am sure that there have been many many arguments over whether you can or can’t collect your salary before going to jail. 

You better hope that your ‘luck’ holds as you will need to roll another double to get out of jail! Getting four doubles in a row would be pretty extraordinary though!

rolling doubles

The Bottom Line

If you are keeping it simple, then when you land on Go you collect $200. That’s it. You don’t go anywhere or do anything. You don’t collect double money or get any sort of bonus. 

If you want to spice it up and add your own Monopoly house rules then your only limit is your imagination. The double-your-money rule is very popular and there are plenty of people out there that think getting $400 for landing on Go is one of the official rules. 

Personally, I like to follow the rulebook, the Monopoly rules are quite finely balanced, and most variations that people come up with don’t work too well. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give something a try and see if you like it!

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