What Does Just Visiting Mean In Monopoly?

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‘Just Visiting’ is probably one of the most well-known spaces on the  Monopoly board, no matter what edition of the game you’re playing. 

But what does ‘Just Visiting’ actually mean in Monopoly? And what impact can it have on your game? If you’re playing Monopoly, you’ll need to know what, if any, purpose the  ‘Just Visiting’ space serves in your game, and what happens to you when you land on it.

Just Visiting Space in Monopoly

So, let me tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the ‘Just Visiting’ space in Monopoly but were too afraid to ask!

The Just Visiting meaning on the Monopoly Jail square:

  • Just Visiting doesn’t have special meaning, or any positive or negative implications if you land on it
  • It’s just a way of letting players land on the Jail space while going around the board, without being confused with being in Jail
  • You don’t need to move to Just Visiting from Jail when you’ve rolled a double or paid $50 to escape

What is ‘Just Visiting’ in Monopoly?

‘Just Visiting’ is a space on the Monopoly board that shares a square with ‘Jail’. ‘Just Visiting’ allows players to land on then pass through the ‘Jail’ square if they haven’t been sent to jail, but happen to land on that square after rolling the dice.

What happens when you land on ‘Just Visiting’ in Monopoly?

In Monopoly, landing on the ‘Just Visiting’ space does not have any negative (or, indeed positive) impact on the player. It simply provides a way to land on the jail square before passing through unimpeded.

There is, however, one thing you must bear in mind when you land on ‘Just Visiting’ when playing Monopoly…

You must be sure to place your piece in the ‘Just Visiting’ section of the square, and not in the ‘Jail’ section of the square. This way, both you and your fellow Monopoly players will know that you’re not banged up in jail. You’ll want to make sure that you’re not subject to the restrictions that are imposed on Monopoly players who have been sent to jail – hence the name ‘Just Visiting’.

Tokens on just visiting space

When you land on the ‘Just Visiting’ space and another token is in jail, does anyone else always say hello? Usually in a funny voice? Just me? Okay then.

When you pay to get out of jail, do you go on ‘Just Visiting’ first?

If you find yourself banged up in jail during a game of Monopoly, one of the ways you can get out is to pay a $50 fine. When you pay your fifty bucks to get out of jail, you don’t need to go on ‘Just Visiting’ first. You just pay, roll and move.

Similarly, if you roll a double while in Jail, you will immediately get out of jail and move the number of spaces shown on the dice. You do not need to wait on the ‘Just Visiting’ space after leaving jail.

The reason you don’t need to go on ‘Just Visiting’ after leaving jail is that, for the purposes of gameplay, the ‘Just Visiting’ space and jail are considered to be the same “square”.

Therefore, once you’ve paid your fine to get out of jail, your game returns to standard Monopoly gameplay – meaning you roll the dice and move your piece the corresponding number of squares as usual.

For example,  if you’re playing on a standard US Monopoly board, and you roll 2 after paying to get out of jail, you’ll move your piece to the ‘Electric Company’ square.

You can learn more about the rules for getting out of jail in Monopoly in this explanation of the Monopoly jail rules.

Monopoly Empire Jail Space.
Most other Monopoly games also have Just Visiting – this is Monopoly Empire

To Conclude

So now you know! The ‘Just Visiting’ space, which you’ll find on the ‘Jail’ square of the Monopoly board, simply gives you the opportunity to land on and pass through the jail square without actually having to go to jail, and therefore, without facing any of the consequences of being sent to jail.

I’m sure that’s left you eager to learn even more about the great game of Monopoly, so why not take a look at my piece on some of the little-known rules of Monopoly that you may not yet know?

You’ll be a regular Mr (or Mrs) Moneybags in no time!

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