How Many Hotels Can You Have In Monopoly?

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Have you ever wondered how many hotels you can have in Monopoly? This is actually a very common question.

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So, read on, and let’s find out exactly how many hotels you can have in Monopoly. Along the way, we’ll also look at some more exciting facts about hotels in Monopoly.

How many hotels in Monopoly?

There are 12 hotels in a standard game of Monopoly – so that’s the maximum you can have in a single game. You can’t use replacement tokens as extra hotels. The last hotel should be auctioned between players if more than one wants it.

How do hotels work in Monopoly?

Before you can even think about hotels in Monopoly, you need to get to grips with houses. This is because the first type of building you can build on properties in Monopoly is the green plastic house.

You can build up to four houses on a property, after which you can choose to upgrade your four houses by buying a red plastic hotel. Why would you want to do this? Well, hotels get you the maximum amount of rent when other players land on your properties.

To buy a hotel in Monopoly, you must own all the properties of the color group of the property on which you want to build a hotel, and you must also have built four houses on each property in that color group.

Houses and Hotels on brown set

How much do hotels cost in Monopoly?

Hotels in Monopoly cost different amounts depending on the color group of the property on which you’re building your hotel. Not taking into account the four houses you must buy and build first, buying a hotel in Monopoly costs the same as buying a house.

Brown and light blue properties are the cheapest to build on in Monopoly. Houses and hotels cost $50 each on these properties.

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Pink and orange properties have the second-cheapest house and hotel prices in Monopoly, with houses and hotels costing $100 each.

The price increases once again as you move around the board to red and yellow properties, on which houses and hotels cost $150 each.

The most expensive color groups to build on in Monopoly are green and dark blue, on which houses and hotels cost $200 each. 

Don’t forget, as well as the price of each hotel, you’ll also have to trade in four houses, meaning that in the long term, building a hotel actually costs a great deal more than building a house, but the pay-off of raking in those increased rents from your opponents is well worth the outlay!

houses and hotels on a monopoly board

How many hotels can you have in Monopoly?

In Monopoly, there are only 12 hotels in the game, so that is the most that one player can own. You can only have one hotel per property and only when you own a complete color set, but you don’t need to have a hotel on every property in a set.

You have to build equally with houses and hotels, but that doesn’t mean always building to the same level. So for example, say you owned the Greens – you couldn’t build a hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue if you have only two houses on North Carolina Avenue and Pacific Avenue.

But you can build a hotel on Pennsylvania and leave four houses on North Carolina and Pacific, without upgrading those to hotels.

Once you get to the last hotel, it should be auctioned off between any players who want it.

Can you have hotels and houses on the same property?

It’s not possible to have hotels and houses on the same property at the same time in Monopoly. When you build a hotel on a property, the new hotels replace any houses you may have. You must return your houses to the bank when you build hotels.

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How many houses and hotels are in a Monopoly set?

Each Monopoly set comes with a total of 12 small red plastic hotel pieces. There are more house pieces than hotel pieces included in each Monopoly set, with a total of 32 green plastic house pieces included in each game.

houses and hotels in monopoly

What happens if you run out of hotels?

When you run out of hotels in Monopoly (all 12 have been built), then no more can be built. The exception to this rule is if another player has returned their hotels to the bank, which may happen if they go bankrupt, or if they have chosen to sell back their hotels. In these cases, you are able to buy these returned hotels from the bank.

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To Conclude

So, in conclusion, each Monopoly set includes 12 red plastic hotels, and 12 is the maximum number of hotels you can have in play in a game of Monopoly.

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