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Love Monopoly?  Love The Walking Dead? Then I have some great news for you – there are not one, but two different Walking Dead Monopoly games available.

But, unless you are a Monopoly or Walking Dead superfan the chances are that you only want to buy one of them (at least to begin with), which is exactly why I have pulled together this guide to help you decide which one is right for you.

There are two Monopoly Walking Dead versions:

  • One based on the TV show
  • One based on the graphic novel

Both have subtle differences between the two. But the Walking Dead Monopoly rules are the same as standard Monopoly.

The Walking Dead Monopoly (AMC) 

  • Manufacturer: USAopoly
  • Year: 2017
  • Age: 13+
  • Players: 2-6

The key difference between the two versions of Walking Dead Monopoly is that this one is based on the famous AMC TV show whereas the one described below is based upon the graphic novel of the same name.

This means that with this version you get a box and gameboard that is decorated with images of the actors that play your favorite characters, including Rick Grimes, Daryll Dixon, and Glenn Rhee.

As you move your playing piece around the board you will recognize various locations from the TV show with properties that include Alexandria Guard Tower, Ricks House, and King County Sheriff’s Department.

A really nice feature of this game that helps to convey the atmosphere of the Walking Dead is that instead of hotels and houses, you have sections of walls (which actually click together) and guard towers. 

The rules of the game are more or less the same as with traditional Monopoly but they have been given a bit of a Walking Dead twist. Some of the great Walking Dead touches include the Taxes spaces transforming into the Negan Tax and the Chance and Community Chest cards becoming Walkers and Survivors.

AMC Walking Dead Monopoly Tokens:

  • Michonne’s Katana
  • Rick’s Revolver
  • Carl’s Hat
  • Daryll’s Crossbow
  • Negan’s Lucille
  • Walker Head

The Walking Dead Monopoly (Survival Edition)

  • Manufacturer: Hasbro
  • Year: 2013
  • Age: 13+
  • Players: 2-6

This Walking Dead Monopoly game is based on the graphic novel series. This gives this version of the game a very different look from the AMC edition.

The board itself is pretty striking with beautifully illustrated survivors and walkers dominating the center of the playing area, whilst the properties around the edge also feature nice images taken straight from the comic. 

Once again the game is the same as the Monopoly that we all know and love, but with some great Walking Dead vibes incorporated. One of my favorite features is that ‘money’ you trade actually represents supply units like First Aid or Ammo, which are assigned different values. 

The properties represent locations from the comics and while some places are similar to the TV version, it is clear that these are two different games. This time around, the places of Chance & Community Chest are taken by Supply Chest and Scavenger cards and the set of character tokens is totally different. 

The Walking Dead Survival Edition Monopoly Tokens:

  • Katana
  • Rick’s Hat
  • Dale’s RV
  • Lucille
  • Telephone
  • Bucket of Body Parts

Which Version Is Best?

If you have only ever seen the TV show then you are probably more likely to be drawn toward the AMC version with the familiar faces on the box. 

But, in my opinion, The Walking Dead Monopoly (Survival Edition) is the best version even if (like me) you’ve never read the comics. I just think the design is superior and all the locations and references will still be familiar to fans of the TV series. 

It’s also the only one where you get to play as a bucket of body parts!

Games That Are Similar To Walking Dead Monopoly

Did you know that The Walking Dead is the inspiration of so many different games? Here are some more that fans of The Walking Dead should also consider…

1. Zombie-Opoly

This is essentially an unofficial zombie version of Monopoly. The game board is adorned with some classic zombie-related artwork and instead of buying properties you buy the zombies themselves and increase the rent on them by buying boxes of flesh.

It’s worth noting that whilst this should come with some cool playing pieces, many people have complained that they got sent standard colorful tokens. Not cool for what should be an excellent zombie Monopoly game.

2. The Walking Dead Board Game

This is a top-quality board game that lets you take on the role of Rick or one of the other survivors trying to make their way to camp safely. It’s a great semi-co-operative game where you have to scavenge weapons and supplies. If you die you become a walker and must turn on the remaining survivors.  

3. The Walking Dead Card Game

If you have ever played Wolfgang Kramer’s 6 Nimmt! then you will already know how to play this card game as it takes that game and adds a Walking Dead twist. It’s actually two games in one as you can pay in either Hero mode or Survival mode while collecting zombie points. This is a great choice if you are in a big group as it can accommodate up to 10 players 

4. The Walking Dead Dice Game

This is a really well-made game based upon The Walking Dead TV show.  The game uses imagery from the show to put you in one of four locations: Camp, Prison, Farm, and The Store. You can play as Michonne, Rick, Carl, or Daryl (each represented by a photo card on a plastic base). It is quite a complicated game and only recommended if you aren’t put off by a long rulebook.

5. The Walking Dead Clue 

This is a Walking Dead version of the classic murder mystery game. Set in Alexandria, you must solve the clues to find out who killed the guards and with what weapon. It is a nicely designed game board that will please fans of both Clue and the Walking Dead.

6. The Walking Dead Risk

The classic Risk gameplay gets a fantastic update in this version. It is perfect for anyone that has grown tired of the original version of Risk as the new rules throw in a whole new element of strategy. 

There is added unpredictability now as players must contend with random zombie outbreaks as they happen before making their move. It’s a great representation of surviving a zombie apocalypse whilst also defending against other people trying to do the same. This is a great game, even if you have never seen the show!

Final word

If you’re looking for Monopoly The Walking Dead because you’re a fan of the TV show, definitely pick up the AMC version of the game. A lot of people will have only watched The Walking Dead without reading the graphic novels, and will want to make sure the game they have is the best fit.

Or, if you’re just interested in themed Monopoly games then check out the best Monopoly games for adults – there’s some other big TV series versions of the game in there too.

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